“Thank you, ‘Beryl,’ for talking to me for three hours on the phone with a banpik.”

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“Beryl ‘Beryl’ Jeong-hui often talks to me for three hours on Banpik, so I want to say thank you.”

The DRX Challengers defeated KT 3-1 in the first round of the LCKCL Summer Playoffs on Sunday at WDG Esports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul. After winning the first game with a dominant performance from Geras, the DRX Challengers capitalized on the momentum in the second game to make it 2-0.

Coach Kim ‘Crush’ Jun-seo of the DRX Challengers said in a post-match interview, “Yesterday, KT Challengers won against Live Sandbox in the LCK. I was worried that they would come with momentum, but I think our players did a good job, so I’m satisfied with the game.” He shared his thoughts on the win against KT.

KT used players from the CL team in the second set of the LCK Summer Split final match against Live Sandbox on June 6. “I had a former teammate (‘Clear’ Song-hyun-min) and I’m personally close to player Park ‘Teddy’ Jin-seong, so I wanted to win,” said Kim. “But I saw that KT Challengers players were focused and good, so before today’s game, I ordered the players to keep their focus until the end because the other team’s focus in the second half was good.”

The DRX Challengers lost the third set after taking a 2-0 lead, and the fourth set was also close, with the team conceding an early kill. The LCKCL commentary team sang a rousing rendition of ‘Silver Scrapes’ before the fifth set, but the DRX Challengers managed to pull off the upset thanks to the play of ‘Duckdam’ Seo Dae-gil in the second half.

Coach Kim Jun-seo said, “To be honest, we prepared for the fifth set because we didn’t get the composition we thought in the fourth set,” adding, “Fortunately, the players didn’t lose their focus until the end and showed a good performance in Dragon Battle. I’m glad we won,” he added, giving credit to his players.

After advancing to the second round of the LCKCL Summer Playoffs, the DRX Challengers will face Nongshim Esports Academy. “If we win today’s game, I think the Nongshim game will be easy. We just need to play the game as we prepared,” he emphasized.

The DRX Challengers made a change with the addition of Seo “Duckdam” Dae-gil ahead of the second round of the LCKCL Summer. “When ‘Duck-dam’ joined the team, I told him that I wanted to win the championship,” said Coach Kim. Our goal this season is to win,” he said, adding, “I’m grateful that the fans are interested in not only ‘Duckdam’ but also the other players.” 안전놀이터

Coach Kim Jun-seo expressed his gratitude to the first-team coaching staff ahead of the second round. “It’s hard to prepare for the banfic because I’m the only coaching staff on the Challengers team,” he said, “but whenever I do, the first team coaching staff, especially Coach Shin Dong-wook ‘Shine’, helps me a lot. And with Beryl, I sometimes talk to her for three hours about the banpic. I’d like to thank Beryl for that.”


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