Real Madrid suffer ‘another’ injury…this time to a ‘key’ player

August 29, 2023 | by

Real Madrid is having a rough start to the season. The loss of key players in quick succession has been devastating. After goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois (31) and key center back Édouard Militant (25) were placed on the injury list with the same anterior cruciate ligament tear, this time “ace” Vinicius Junior (23) went down with a hamstring.

“Vinicius underwent a medical examination and was diagnosed with a right hamstring injury,” Real Madrid said in a medical report on its official website on Monday (Aug. 28), adding that the team will continue to monitor the situation.

The diagnosis of a hamstring injury, which was initially thought to be a minor bruise or muscle strain, threw Real Madrid into a “state of emergency”. In fact, local reports suggest that it will take him at least six weeks to recover and return to the field.

The loss of Vinicius is particularly troubling for Real Madrid, as the team has important matches against Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid next month, as well as the start of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage.

Real Madrid have been hit with a series of unexpected injuries since the start of the season. On October 10, Courtois underwent surgery after rupturing his left anterior cruciate ligament. The club hastily brought in Kepa Arrizabalaga, 28, on loan as an emergency transfusion. But just four days later, Militant was sidelined with the same injury.

Despite the loss of key players in the backline, Real Madrid has managed to hold on and has won three straight games since the start of the Spanish Primera Liga, conceding just one goal in those three games and currently sitting atop the table with nine points. 먹튀검증

Real Madrid, however, faced a crisis when Vinicius, an integral part of their attack, was ruled out for a while. When Courtois and Militant went down with injuries, they were able to rely on outside reinforcements, but with the loss of their hard-to-replace ‘ace’, they are now in a situation where if they get it wrong, the season could be in jeopardy from the start.


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