“Maddison is 26, thank you very much!”…Chelsea snapped him up even if he was just a year younger! Pochettino was Maddison’s ‘biggest fan’

September 4, 2023 | by

Tottenham is on a roll in the English Premier League (EPL).

After four rounds, they’re on a three-game winning streak and have jumped to second place in the EPL with a 3-1 record. After finishing eighth last season, Spurs’ early-season surge is frightening.

What’s fueling Spurs’ rise? 

Enze Postecoglou’s attacking soccer and captain Son Heung-min are key. In particular, Heung-min scored a hat trick against Burnley in the fourth round while wearing the captain’s armband. There’s no denying that his performance as captain and as the team’s ace in the hole has been key to Tottenham’s rise this season.

And another driving force. The presence of James Maddison, who left Leicester City for Spurs this season. He was one of the best attacking midfielders in the EPL. He’s had a tremendous season for Spurs. And he’s continuing to do so.   

Despite the absence of Harry Kane, Maddison’s attacking prowess has filled the void to some extent. There’s no denying that he has revitalized the Spurs offense. He’s made his presence felt with two goals and two assists through four rounds, and as vice-captain of the team, he’s helping Son Heung-min keep the team together.

He is truly a ‘gem’ for Tottenham. Tottenham’s signing of Madsen was one of the best moves in the EPL last summer. Spurs and their fans are ecstatic that they’ve found a true replacement for Christian Eriksen.

However, it turns out that the deal was almost stolen by Chelsea. Mauricio Pochettino wanted him badly. Given the way Chelsea have been spending money in the recent transfer window, the outcome could have been different if they had focused on him.

Luckily, Chelsea didn’t get him. There was a crucial reason. He was 26 years old. A year younger and Chelsea would have gotten him. How it happened. 바카라

The British publication Football Insider revealed the story behind Maddison’s move to Tottenham.

“Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino was desperate to sign Maddison, but he couldn’t bring him to Chelsea. The reason is that Chelsea have a policy of not signing players over the age of 25 in the summer transfer window. Maddison is 26, so Chelsea opened the door for Tottenham to sign him,” the report said.

“The average age of players who arrived at Chelsea in the summer transfer window is 20.5 years old. Players over the age of 25 were rejected by Chelsea from the start. Pochettino was a big fan of Maddison, but at 26, he was forced to give up on signing him. So Chelsea gave up on Maddison and paid the EPL’s highest transfer fee for Moises Caicedo.”


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