Are we headed for a predetermined ending… Who’s in charge of Klinsmann’s Korean national team experience, ‘soccer salop’ not ‘manager’?

September 11, 2023 | by

Who picked him and who’s in charge? It’s like watching ‘Football Salute”s South Korean coach Gyunghyang Ki.

South Korea drew 0-0 with Wales in a friendly match at the Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, England, on Aug. 8 (KST).

Klinsmann’s quest for his first win will have to wait until another time. The national team hasn’t won a game since his appointment in March, drawing three and losing two in five matches.

It is the worst start for any South Korean national team manager in history. It’s been 31 years since South Korea implemented a full-time managerial system with Kim Ho in 1992, but no coach has ever failed to win their first five games in charge. Gus Hiddink got his first win in his fourth game, while Hong Myung-bo and Shin Tae-yong also won their fifth games.

However, Klinsmann set an unwelcome new record by failing to win against Wales. It wasn’t just the result that was frustrating, but also the content of the match. Even before the game, Klinsmann was relaxed. His post-match press conference was no different. “It was a very good test for us,” Klinsmann said, according to Sky Sports. I’m happy with what the players showed,” Klinsmann said.

“Wales came out with a back five and it was hard to break,” Klinsmann continued. We want to develop and grow as a team. Every game will help us,” said Klinsmann, “These friendlies are the moments when you can try different things. You can see that the team has changed since I played my first match in March.”

The unexpected comments were followed by a bizarre run of form. Klinsmann exchanged jerseys with a Welsh player for his son after the Wales game. He asked Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff City) for a jersey after the Wales game. It is unusual for a national team manager to request a jersey from an opposing player.

Klinsmann told UEFA after the game, “My son plays goalkeeper for LA Galaxy. He texted me before the game and said, ‘Can I have Ramsey’s jersey,’ so I asked him for it,” he explained. “Klinsmann has organized a huge gift for his son,” the BBC sarcastically commented.

The decision to play in the friendly was also controversial, even with Saudi Arabia still having an A-League match to play. Chelsea and Bayern Munich hosted a charity match in honor of the late Gianluca Vialli at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on Sept. 9. Ahead of the game, the teams announced their rosters. There’s one name on the list of Munich legends that looks particularly familiar. It’s Klinsmann.

Although the match against Wales is over, the team is still facing Saudi Arabia. On the 13th of this month, they’ll play the second trial. But there’s a name on the roster that doesn’t make sense. It’s a row that defies common sense. In the end, he didn’t participate in the friendlies, but there were several controversies on the training ground. As you can see, Klinsmann is currently facing a lot of criticism as the head coach of the South Korean national soccer team.

That’s because his performance as South Korea’s head coach is arguably the worst of any coach in history after just six months in charge. While there have been managers who have had poor results or controversial behavior before, none have been as bad as Klinsmann. At least the other coaches have all prioritized their job as head coach of the Korean national team.

But Klinsmann, a superstar in his own right, prioritized his soccer celebrity status over the Korean job. He enjoys talking about Inter Miami, Tottenham, and Bayern Munich matches rather than K League games.

In fact, Klinsmann, who did not give an interview to announce the A-match roster in September, was interviewed by various media outlets about Lionel Messi’s arrival in the U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS) and Harry Kane’s move to Munich. In response to criticisms of his indulgence, Klinsmann defends his decision by saying that he follows the global soccer scene.

However, there are degrees. For example, when asked why he doesn’t watch the K League in person, Klinsmann says that technology has made it unnecessary. Of course, he’s not wrong. But when he could have held a press conference about the roster without traveling to Korea via video interview, he chose to do it on-site in England, effectively refusing to communicate with the Korean media.

There are plenty of previous Korean national team managers who have faced more criticism than Klinsmann. His compatriot Uli Stielike also faced criticism in his later years, but at least he didn’t prioritize his soccer celebrity status over his job as South Korea’s national team manager. In many ways, Klinsmann is unique.

This may not be surprising. Klinsmann has been more of an outsider than a mainstream figure in German soccer since his playing days. In fact, he faced similar criticism during his time as head coach of the German national team. It’s not like Klinsmann is ignoring the South Korean national team job. 메이저놀이터

If the KFA wanted to hire a high-profile salaryman from the German national team, rather than the head coach of Korean soccer, this would be a perfect fit. Klinsmann may be too attractive for other countries, club managers, and former players. But at the very least, the head coach of the South Korean national soccer team should prioritize the job of head coach over a soccer salary.

In many ways, Klinsmann’s journey with the South Korean national team has gone exactly as everyone feared. Could an unfortunate ending be just around the corner? If tragedy strikes as everyone expects, it will be interesting to see who will be responsible for Klinsmann’s appointment based on reputation alone.


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