A man ‘on drugs’…Pogba “doped with banned substance, risks up to four years out”

September 12, 2023 | by

Paul Pogba, 30, Juventus, is in a career crisis. He tested positive for a banned substance in a doping test. Depending on the circumstances and regulations, he could be banned for up to four years. In four years, Pogba will be 34 years old.

“Juventus midfielder Pogba has tested positive for doping,” British public broadcaster BBC reported on Wednesday (June 12). A doping test conducted after last month’s match against Udinese detected testosterone. The substance is a banned substance. If found guilty of this offense, he could face a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years’ suspension under the regulations of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).”

Juventus also admitted to being involved. After the news broke across Europe, the club announced on its official website that “Pogba tested positive in a doping test conducted on August 20. We have received a preliminary suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Tribunal. We will consider the next steps.”

Pogba began his professional career with the Manchester United youth team in 2009. He was a highly touted player in the United youth ranks and was expected to make his first-team debut, but then-manager Alex Ferguson didn’t give him a chance. Pogba decided to leave Manchester United and joined Juventus as a free agent in 2012 for a fee of zero dollars.

At Juventus, Pogba gained experience and became a top-class player. Pogba’s sharp mid-range shots from inside and outside the box were his specialty. He thrived in the Italian Serie A, as if he hadn’t been underutilized at Manchester United. He even pushed Claudio Marchisio out of the way to earn a spot in Juventus’ starting lineup.

Even though he was in his early 20s, he continued to dominate. He received offers from big clubs, including Paris Saint-Germain. At the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, he won the Young Player Award and was nominated for the Ballon d’Or that year.

As Pogba became increasingly dominant for Juventus, the whole of Europe took notice. Teams from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona, Manchester City, and Chelsea were in the running for him. Juventus declared Pogba “non-transferable” by assigning him the number 10 shirt, cementing his status as a key asset to the team.

He was also named FIFA World Best, proving his worth. A number of teams were in the hunt for Pogba, including his hometown club Manchester United. Pogba joined United in 2016 under Jose Mourinho for €105 million, the highest transfer fee in history at the time.

The club had been shaken by the departure of Ferguson. The return of Pogba, who showed world-class potential, could help rebuild the franchise. Pogba was assigned the number six shirt at Manchester United and was ready to soar.

In the 2016-17 season, Pogba made a huge impact in the second round of the Premier League against Southampton. As United fans had come to expect from him, he had a ‘whip’ passing ability from midfield to the left and right. He was also a prolific box-to-box midfielder and showed signs of becoming a key part of the team as a link between attack and defense.

However, he gradually failed to capitalize on his early strengths. Manchester United lacked the likes of Khedira, Marchisio, and Vidal, who were responsible for Pogba’s lack of activity at Juventus. Mourinho’s tactics didn’t work for him either, and he fell into a rut. “If you’re a £100 million player, you’ve got to show you’ve got a role to play,” said Manchester United legend Roy Keane.

Mourinho’s time at United has been a bleak one, with rumors of a falling out. Despite winning the UEFA Europa League, he hasn’t shown the form that was expected of him at the start of his United career. Real Madrid transfer speculation also distracted Pogba at every turn. The arrival of best friend Romelu Lukaku in 2017-18 seemed to create a synergy, but it was short-lived. Both Lukaku and Pogba were heavily criticized for not performing at their best.

They were repeatedly linked with transfers and returned to Juventus as free agents in 2022. He was briefly resurrected under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and was linked with a return to the club, but Manchester United were unable to agree on a deal. In the end, United sold the €105 million player back to Juventus on a free transfer.

Upon his return, Pogba wasn’t exactly flying high, as he was plagued by muscle and knee injuries that often landed him in the hospital. After returning to Juventus, he didn’t play until the 24th round of the league. He came on as a substitute against Torino and AS Roma, but left with another muscle injury. In the 2022-23 season, Pogba started just 10 games, including cup competitions, and played a total of 161 minutes. At 90 minutes full-time, that’s less than three games in a season.

There were also off-field issues with Pogba’s brother. In a recent interview, Pogba said, “I want to make the people who criticize me admit that they are wrong. I want to show them that I am not weak. They can say bad things about me, but I will never give up. Money can change people, it can destroy families. It even causes wars. Sometimes I thought, I don’t want to 바카라사이트 make money anymore, I don’t want to play soccer anymore, I just want to be with normal people,” he confessed.

After a year of injury recovery, he returned for the 2023-24 season. He was benched on the opening day against Udinese, but warmed up as a substitute against Bologna (24 minutes) and Empoli (28 minutes). Juventus remained unbeaten through the third round with two wins and a draw.

However, he was caught doping before the Udinese opener. He tested positive for a banned substance and faced the biggest crisis of his career. Juventus is aware of the situation. If Pogba”s positive test is confirmed, he could be forced to retire from the game.


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