Is Ohtani coming to Korea? “Ohtani to sign with Dodgers” Former MLB commissioner Bowden “Ohtani wants to play for a winning team”

September 14, 2023 | by

Korean baseball fans may soon be able to see Shohei Ohtani in person.

If Ohtani signs with the Los Angeles Dodgers, he’ll be traveling to South Korea for next year’s opening game.

The Dodgers will play their 2024 Major League Baseball opener in South Korea against the rival San Diego Padres.

When that happens, Ohtani will face off against San Diego’s Ha-Sung Kim. It won’t be a pitching matchup, as Oh won’t be able to pitch next year, but it will be a batting matchup 안전놀이터.

Rumors that Ohtani will end up in a Dodger uniform are already widespread.

According to former MLB general manager and current Athletic insider Jim Bowden, Ohtani will likely not re-sign with the Los Angeles Angels this offseason.

“Ohtani’s time with the Angels is coming to an end. Now, he won’t say that publicly. But it’s over. He spent six years with the Angels and they never finished above .500.”

Bowden singled out the Dodgers as the favorite to sign him this offseason.

“The Dodgers tried to stay under the luxury tax threshold ($233 million) to be in a better position to sign Ohtani this offseason, but an arbitrator’s decision to reduce Trevor Bauer’s suspension ended up costing them the tax. However, team owner Mark Walter has never allowed financial concerns to limit President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman’s efforts to make the Dodgers a better team.”


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