‘This year’s champs vs. regular-season hunger’ KU-KU, which team will smile in season finale?

September 14, 2023 | by

Korea University and Yonsei University will face off for the championship on Thursday.

Korea University and Yonsei University will meet in the championship game of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League on Thursday at Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium.

The two teams have met three times this season, in the regular season, the MBC Cup, and the 2023 regular season, with KU winning all three games.

The situation is not good for Yonsei, which is aiming for a clean sweep. Lee Min-seo, who missed the quarterfinal playoff against Sungkyunkwan University on November 11 due to fatigue, is showing a slow recovery. In 14 regular-season games this season, Lee Min-seo has been the team’s field general, averaging 11.1 points, five assists and 1.9 steals.

Yonsei head coach Yoon Ho-jin said, “I think Lee Min-seo will be out. His condition is not good. Lee Kyu-tae and Kim Bo-bae, who were injured, are also getting better,” he sighed.

Nevertheless, Yoon had good things to say about the performance of first-year Kang Ji-hoon. He defended the basketball team well in the regular season opener against Korea University on Aug. 8, and also had a strong performance in the quarterfinal PO against Sungkyunkwan University with 13 points and 15 rebounds.

Coach Yoon said, “I’m glad that Kang Ji Hoon is playing well. If Kim Bo-bae was in top form, we would have had even better synergy together. I hope he will do well in the final as well,” Yoon said.

Yonsei lost its regular season opener against Korea University 60-64, but bounced back with a thrilling 78-74 victory in the quarterfinal playoffs against Sungkyunkwan University. In particular, captain Yoo Yoo-sang did his part by scoring at key moments.

Coach Yoon said, “Yoo Yoo-sang is 먹튀검증 playing so well as a captain. He’s taking the reins and leading the team, so to speak. I think the underclassmen feel sorry for him in that regard, but the players are getting over it quickly. It’s the last game of the year, so the will of the players is extraordinary.” 먹튀검증

The defending champions, Korea University, are not doing so well either.

Lee Dong-geun, who had an ankle injury, complained of pain after a collision with an opponent in the third quarter of the regular season. He later returned to the court, but was seen limping.

KU head coach Joo Hee-jung said, “Lee Dong-geun’s condition is not good. “We’ve had a lot of injuries throughout the season, and I hope that our forwards like Park Jun-hyung, Yoon Ki-chan, and Yoo Min-soo can actively participate in rebounding.”

The good news for KU is that their captain, Park Mubin, is in very good shape. With another senior, Moon Jung-hyun, out for the national team, Park has been able to hold the center of the team together.

Coach Joo said, “Park is in good shape. He is leading the team well. I always believe in (Park) Mubin,” he said, expressing his faith in his protégé.

KU won the regular season of the Korea University Basketball U-League and the MBC Varsity Basketball League, lifting trophies in all competitions this season. Will KU be able to repeat last year’s success with a victory in the championship game?

KU head coach Joo Hee-jung said, “It’s up to the heavens. We have a very good team atmosphere and we believe in our players,” she said.

Will Yonsei be able to stop KU’s dominance and have the last laugh? Will KU be able to overcome Yonsei and continue the ‘KU Chungha’?

The highly anticipated matchup between the two teams will take place at 14:00 on the 14th at KU’s Hwajung Gymnasium.


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