Bae Ji-hwan’s tearful aftermath of a major accident… Next day, despite persistence, no hits, the team is lethargic.

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Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh), who was in tears after a dizzying accident in his previous game, was eager to get back into the game, but he was unable to get a hit and was limited to one at-bat.

Bae started at first base against the New York Yankees at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 17. On the day, Bae went 1-for-3 with a walk, a hit, a run scored, and a strikeout. His season batting average dropped slightly to .239 from .242, while his on-base percentage remained at .304. The team went 3-6 against the Yankees.

In fact, the situation surrounding him has been somewhat confusing as of late. In a game against Washington on the 15th, he was wrongfully struck out twice by umpire Angel Hernandez on ridiculous strike calls. It wasn’t necessarily because of this, but it still ended his eight-game hitting streak. On April 16, he started against the New York Yankees and managed to get a hit, but was unable to keep his head up after a dizzying accident.

One of his hits turned into an accident. In the first inning, Bae got off to a good start by drawing a walk and scored on Swinski’s sacrifice fly. It was a good start. But then he grounded out to third in his second at-bat and struck out in his third at-bat in the fourth. Then in the sixth inning, in his fourth at-bat, he lined a single to center field, only to have it go over the pitcher’s head. 스포츠토토

The ball, thrown by Yankees second baseman Anthony Mizevich, traveled through Bae’s bat and back to the pitcher. The ball traveled a whopping 100.6 mph (162 km/h). The pitch hit Misiewicz in the head, causing a dizzying moment. The impact was so great that the ball flew all the way to the outfield. It was bleeding. Misiewicz was unable to get up for a while and was taken to the hospital on a cart provided by the Pittsburgh organization.

Bae was there to see her in pain at first base and then to see her leave the field, and he was caught on camera showing some tears of remorse and shock. It wasn’t his fault, but it was a big shock. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Bae made a throwing error that cost the Pirates the game. But Pittsburgh had faith in Bae, and he was back in the lineup at second base. Appreciation is appreciation, and a season is a season.

Pittsburgh’s lineup behind Bae was Reynolds (left field), Hayes (third base), Swinski (center field), Rodriguez (catcher), Palacios (right field), Davis (designated hitter), Rivas (first base), and Peguero (shortstop). Pittsburgh’s opponent was right-hander Luke Weaver, who has 26 major league wins.

Good news before the game: Bae Ji-hwan gets a hit in his first at-bat

Luckily, the pregame news was promising. After being placed on the seven-day disabled list, Mizevich was released from the hospital, where he was told that he wasn’t going to be able to pitch right away, but that he wasn’t too badly hurt. Yankees manager Aaron Boone breathed a sigh of relief at the positive report. For Bae, it was a moment of relief.

Pittsburgh starter Ortiz got off to a rocky start in the first inning. He gave up a leadoff single to LeMay, a walk to Torres, and an RBI double to Wells. He then walked Stanton to put runners on first and third, and two batters later gave up a two-run double to Florial, resulting in three runs in the first inning.

Trailing 0-3, the team needed to score as many runs as possible in the bottom of the first to prevent the game from slipping away. Bae led off the inning. In his first at-bat, he drew a walk against Weaver. It was actually a tough pitch with two on and two out. However, he was able to pick off three pitches and had a bit of luck when the fourth pitch, which was at the top of the strike zone, was ruled a ball. Bae picked off a high cutter in the fifth and a fastball in the sixth that wasn’t in the zone.

Bae didn’t have to work too hard to get home. Reynolds, the team’s top hitter, hit a two-run shot over the center field fence to bring Bae home. It was Bae’s 51st run of the season. Pittsburgh would not be able to tie the game, however, as they were unable to capitalize on a single by Hayes and a walk by Rodriguez to put runners on first and second.

3: Bae Ji-hwan’s hit didn’t come through in scoring position

Pittsburgh had a chance to tie the game in the bottom of the second when Rivas led off with a double, but after Peguero flied out to right field, Bae Ji-hwan, who was up to bat for the second time, struck out swinging.

Bae picked up the first three balls and had an absolute advantage. However, he reached for a ball that was slightly outside off on the fourth pitch and watched the fifth pitch, which was also a strike. Bae worked a full count and fouled off the sixth pitch, but then struck out swinging on a backdoor cutter outside off in the seventh. Reynolds was then retired on an infield grounder to end the rally.

The Yankees then added a run in the third inning when Stanton hit a solo shot to make it 3-2. Pittsburgh answered back in the bottom of the inning, trailing 4-2, with a leadoff double by Hayes and a sacrifice fly by Rodriguez with runners on first and third.

From there, it was a lull as both teams failed to capitalize on their scoring opportunities, and Bae Ji-hwan led off the fifth inning with a walk but was unable to get a hit. Facing the Yankees’ second pitcher, Johnny Brito, Bae battled through nine pitches. He hit four fouls. But on the ninth pitch of the at-bat, he couldn’t get a good look at a changeup down the middle of the plate and was left stranded at third base.

Running Yankees, lethargic Pittsburgh

The Yankees ran away with the game as Pittsburgh failed to capitalize on its opportunities. In the top of the sixth inning with a 4-3 lead, Judge drew a walk and Torres followed with a double, sending Judge to third. Pittsburgh stranded runners at second and third on a wild pitch by Stranton. The Yankees cut the lead to 6-3 in the eighth when Cabrera hit a solo home run.

Bae’s last at-bat came in the eighth inning, when he was down 3-6. Again, he led off with a walk, but the pitching staff had changed. Ian Hamilton had just taken over the mound. Bae hit a five-pitch low slider at 2B-2S, but it was only a grounder to the second baseman. The pitch was too honest to get between first and second base. Pittsburgh’s eighth-inning offense, which started with a single, went scoreless. The game ended in a 6-3 Yankees victory.

Pittsburgh starter Ortiz struggled after a rough first inning, allowing four runs on six hits (one homer) and six walks in 4⅔ innings. At the plate, Reynolds led off with a home run in the first and Hayes had two hits, but there was little support after that. Pittsburgh was held to four hits on the day. The final 21 batters didn’t get a single hit.

The Yankees, on the other hand, were led by their second starter, Brito, who pitched three scoreless innings of relief. At the plate, No. 2 Judge had three hits and three walks, No. 3 Torres had two hits and a walk, and Florial had the game-winning RBI double.


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