Chinese soccer calls out ‘quarterfinal opponent’ Huang Sunhong…”We are confident to fight anyone”

September 23, 2023 | by

China’s confidence is booming after beating India and Myanmar to advance to the round of 16 at the Asian Games. The team says it can fight with anyone in the tournament and is aiming to beat even its quarterfinal opponent, Hwang Sun-hong Ho.

The Chinese Asian Games team, led by Dejan Dudevic, thrashed Myanmar 4-0 in the second match of their Group A men’s soccer match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Xiaoshan Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on Monday (June 21). Veteran striker Tan Lung, who was selected as a wildcard, netted a brace, while defender Wang Jianao and striker Dai Weijun added a brace apiece in the easy win.

China, who had previously thrashed India 5-1 in the first leg, have now won two straight matches to secure a place in the round of 16 at the top of the group, regardless of the outcome of the final match against Bangladesh.

With India and Myanmar currently tied at 1-1 with 3 points, a win by either of them in the final game and a loss by China to Bangladesh would not result in China losing the top spot in the group unless they lose by a very large margin, as their goal differential is +8 and their goal differential is -3.

China, the favorite to win the group and advance to the round of 16, will face either the third-place team from Group B or the third-place team from Group D. If they win the round of 16, they will face the winner of the Group 1 – Group 2 matchup, which is currently led by Hwang Sun-hong. This means that a Korean-Chinese matchup in the quarterfinals is highly likely.

Hwang’s team won both their first and second group games in the tournament in big fashion. In the first round, they enjoyed a 9-0 victory over Kuwait, and in the second round, they thrashed Thailand 4-0. The rotation has been praised for its success in the tight schedule, and the fact that the scoring has been evenly distributed without ace Lee Kang-in is also a positive.

However, the Chinese don’t seem to be deterred by Huang Sunhong’s momentum. In fact, they have declared that they will go all the way to win the title with overflowing confidence.

“I think we can take on any opponent,” the striker said in an interview after the Myanmar game, according to the Asian Games Organizing Committee’s information system. “No matter who it is, we will give it our all to reach higher.”

“It’s a credit to Coach Dudevic’s approach and it’s really great. I hope we can keep this momentum going until the tournament.”

“I was nervous in the first game, but today I scored my first goal and was able to play freely. I hope to score more goals in the future to help China reach greater heights,” he said, vowing to score against every opponent he faces.

Defender Wang Jianao, who also scored against Myanmar, said he would “regroup and analyze the next opponent” before focusing on Bangladesh: “I’m focusing on one game at a time. We want to reach as high as possible,” he said, adding that he is confident about facing stronger teams in the tournament 굿모닝토토.

He thanked the Chinese home fans for their enthusiastic support every game, saying, “Thank you very much. They give us a lot of strength. The players didn’t disappoint the fans. We were able to win because of them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hwang Seon-hong was unable to draw a point in the two-game series against China in June. They won the first match 3-1 thanks to a multi-goal performance from Uhm Won-sang and a goal from Jung Woo-young, but lost the second match 0-1. At the time, China’s rough soccer and lack of a VAR system were cited as factors to be wary of, as well as the support of Chinese fans. The Chinese were also united in their goal of winning gold at the Asian Games on home soil.

The quarterfinal matchup between Korea and China is expected to be even more intense than expected.


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