The ‘first’ director to master ‘using Heung-min Son’, and now Sonny’s ‘soul mate’ is ‘Fostecoglue’, not Kane.

September 25, 2023 | by

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) has been on fire this season.

Tottenham drew 2-2 with Arsenal in the sixth round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) on Thursday afternoon (ET) at the Emirates Stadium in London, England.

Once again, it was Son Heung-min who saved the day for Tottenham. He scored his fourth and fifth league goals in a row to snatch a point from the jaws of defeat. With his fifth league goal, he became the second highest scorer in the league and made history as the first player to score multiple goals against Arsenal in 30 years. He also reached 150 goals for Tottenham.

The rise of Son Heung-min. The most decisive influence on this trend has been new Spurs manager Enze Postecoglou.

In fact, there were concerns this season. Harry Kane, Spurs’ signature striker and Son’s “soul mate,” had left for Bayern Munich. They started the season without a replacement. Many predicted Spurs’ downfall.

But instead, they came back stronger. Or, more accurately, united. This is a phenomenon that Postecoglou has created. The team stopped relying on Kane, became a team with all 11 players playing together, and switched from defensive football to an attractive attacking game. At the center of it all is Son Heung-min.

Postecoglou had “absolute trust” in Son. When he arrived at Tottenham, one of the first things he did was to reorganize the team around Son. He made an unconventional choice to make an Asian captain. That’s not easy to do. It was a matter of absolute trust.

The team rallied around him. Son Heung-min’s leadership is shining brightly. The local media emphasized that the best thing Postecoglou did was to make Son the captain.

Tactically, the team played beautiful attacking football around him, especially in the fourth round against Burnley, when he dropped Heung-Min and played him up front, which won everyone’s praise. ‘The Nails’ made it possible to completely erase the longing for Kane.

In a way, Postecoglou may be the coach who understands Son Heung-min the best and uses him the most in his career. He has worked with many managers, and all of them have liked him, but none of them can compare to Postecoglou’s absolute trust and tactical choices 메이저사이트.

He is the first manager to have mastered the art of using Son Heung-min. He is also the first coach to utilize Son’s athleticism and leadership skills at the same time. The synergy between the two, through their souls, is what is driving Tottenham’s rise. With a coach and captain that work so well together, what’s to fear? 

The way Postecoglou talks about Son Heung-min gives you a sense of how he thinks and values him.

After his hat-trick against Burnley, he said.

“Sonny was absolutely outstanding. He shows himself to his teammates every day in training. He’s a great leader. He led Tottenham into the spotlight today. He has the quality to create chances and capitalize on them. I’m very happy to have him.”

In a recent Tottenham fan forum, he was more vocal.

“We all know that Son is a fantastic player. And he’s a great human being. He has both. He’s a fantastic player, he’s a fantastic human being. From the time I came here, I knew he was a respected player, very highly regarded by his teammates and even by opponents. A great player, a great role model off the field. The perfect captain.”

After the Arsenal game, Postecoglou described Son as follows.

“He is an exceptional player. He is a top-class striker and an unbelievable leader as a human being. He works really hard. He leads the first team, finishes perfectly, and scores at a high level. He can play nine positions: captain, leader, scorer.”

That’s not something you’d say unless you’re a soul mate, and you mean it. It was a crucial factor in Son’s miraculous resurgence after being heavily criticized for his poor form last season.


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