“Because I’m with LG” “My family has been a fan since OB”…23,775 people were enthusiastic about the Jamsil rivalry game, and the Doosan rookie duo was also present.

September 30, 2023 | by

“It was a weekend and we had time, but we wanted to watch a Doosan game, and we thought it would be more fun with LG.”

Kim Taek-yeon (18, Incheon) and Yeo Dong-gun (18, Seoul), who are about to join the Doosan Bears, visited Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 30th. It was the Chuseok holiday, and the two friends decided to meet up with each other to watch the Jamsil rivalry between Doosan and LG Twins. On that day, the 23,750 seats at Jamsil Baseball Stadium were sold out. It was enough to ignite the hearts of the two rookies.

Doosan selected Kim Taek-yeon and Yeo Dong-gun in the first and second rounds, respectively, of the 2024 KBO First-Year Player Draft on April 14. Kim was classified as a big name prospect, along with right-hander Jang Hyun-seok (18, Masan Yongmago), who joined the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, and left-hander Hwang Jun-seo (18, Jang Chung-go), who was selected first overall by the Hanwha Eagles. Doosan decided early on to select Kim in the first round and watched him closely in high school baseball.

A Doosan scout said, “His delivery is very good. He has power at the end of the ball and excellent vertical and horizontal movement. His fastball has a surging feel to it. In terms of ball movement, he’s better than Jang Hyun-seok.” Doosan sees Kim as its next closer and is preparing to develop him.

Yeo Dong-geon is small in stature at 173 centimeters tall and 80 kilograms, but her baseball talent has allowed her to fulfill her dream of being drafted at the top of the draft. A Doosan scout said, “Shortstop Yeo has the qualities of a five-tool player. She is fast, has good shoulders, and her batting accuracy is outstanding,” and praised her potential for growth.

Kim Taek-yeon and Yeo Dong-gun got to know each other while playing together for the Korean Youth National Team this year, and they decided to visit Jamsil Baseball Stadium together.

“I wanted to see a Doosan game, and I thought it would be more fun to do it with LG,” says Kim. (I’ve been watching Doosan games ever since I was nominated. The ballpark is big, and the cheering is fun. I thought about what it would be like to play here, and I can’t wait to throw on the mound in Jamsil as soon as possible,” he smiled.

“When I watched the game while cheering, I wanted to play batboy. My family has been a Bears fan since my OB days, so I couldn’t help but be a Doosan fan, but after I was drafted, they said, ‘I was destined to go to Doosan anyway,'” she said, revealing that she was born a Durin.

Kim looks up to Doosan domestic ace Kwak Bin (24) as a role model. Kwak Bin has established himself as Doosan’s domestic ace with 11 wins this year, and is currently on the national team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, where he is hoping to win his fourth consecutive gold medal.

“I wanted to meet Kwak Bin, but he’s not with the team right now. I’ve watched him throw a lot, and there’s a lot to learn from him. I heard that it would be good for me to learn Kwak Bin’s curveball, so when I meet him, I want to ask him directly how he throws his curveball,” Kim said with a twinkle in his eye.

For Yeo, whose primary position is shortstop, her idol is veteran Kim Jae-ho (38). “(My role model is) definitely Kim Jae-ho. When I came into the ballpark for the first time today (Oct. 30), he was there, so I shook his hand. I thanked him for congratulating me,” she said, recalling the exciting moment. 메이저사이트

The rookies will start preparing for their professional careers in earnest this winter at Icheon Bears Park, the second team’s training center. Players who stand out here can dream of joining the first team’s spring training camp.

Kim Taek-yeon and Yeo Dong-gun can’t wait to don a Doosan uniform and hit the mound and field in Jamsil. “My first goal is to make the opening roster next year, and if I stay in the first team, I think I can get on the mound in Jamsil someday. I’m grateful that I’m being talked about as a closer. I don’t know where I’ll play, but I’ll always be prepared so that I can do a good job in any position I play.”

“In my heart, I want to play right away next year, but I’m going to wait for the most appropriate time. I don’t think it matters when you’re at your best. I think it’s more important to bloom big and beautifully,” she said, vowing to prepare well one day at a time and reveal the future of Doosan’s infield.

Fourth-ranked Doosan won its second straight game with a 3-1 come-from-behind victory over LG, cheered on by its rookies. With a season record of 69 wins, 60 losses, and 2 draws, the team maintained a three-game lead over fifth-place SSG Landers and closed the gap to 1.5 games over third-place NC Dinos. Yeo Dong-gun’s idol Kim Jae-ho drove in the winning run with an RBI double in the bottom of the eighth inning with a 2-1 lead.


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