“What are you doing!” silent scorer explodes in anger, postgame altercation → tensions escalate

October 9, 2023 | by

Man City players couldn’t contain their excitement.

‘Tensions escalated after City’s Elling Holland and Kyle Walker clashed on the move,’ the Daily Star reported on Sept. 9 (ET). 토토사이트

Man City, led by coach Pep Guardiola, lost 0-1 in the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) away match against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, on the 9th. Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli scored the game-winner in the 41st minute. City (6W2L) dropped to third place with its second straight loss.

The Daily Star reported: ‘The incident occurred after Arsenal’s Martinelli’s goal. Holland clashed violently with Arsenal staff. Tensions boiled over after the game. Holland was restrained by staff. Walker was stopped by security. Both Holland and Walker seemed unhappy with the comments made on the Arsenal bench as they left the field. Coach Nicholas, who once played for City, seemed to be at the center of it. Holland, who played the full game, did not score. In the video that was released, Holland was seen pointing fingers at his opponent and looking furious.

Meanwhile, the outlet notes that “the players were in a frenzy of emotion. Meanwhile, Phil Foden smiled bitterly at the clash as he walked off the field. I could see the funny side. The players were all escorted off the field by security.


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