Another forced Kim Min-jae shake…”I’ve never looked my best”

October 13, 2023 | by

It’s strange indeed. One of the best performers in Bayern Munich’s defense this season has been Kim Min-jae, and he’s not getting the praise he deserves.

Germany’s Sky Sports covered Dayo Upamecano’s hamstring problem on Wednesday, pointing out the thin options at the back.

“In defense, Munich are in trouble. Upamecano, who has been in good form of late, is expected to be out for three to four weeks with a left hamstring muscle injury. Since the knee problem, Mathias de Ligt has been running and training with the ball, but there is no guarantee that he will be back on the field after the international break.” 먹튀검증

The injury to Upamecano, who along with Kim Min-jae anchored the Munich defense, and De Ligt’s slow recovery from injury put all the pressure on Kim’s shoulders. Tarek Buchmann, the No. 4 center back and a promising youngster, is also injured. After being called up for the South Korean national team, Kim may have to work with a player who is not a true center back when he returns to Munich.

As if that weren’t enough to encourage him, ‘Sky Sports’ reports that “Kim Min-jae, who moved to Munich from Napoli for €50 million this summer, will have to adapt to Munich and the German Bundesliga. So far, he hasn’t been one of the best performers on the pitch.” “Fortunately, next to him was Upamecano, who was playing well before his injury,” he continued, suggesting that Kim benefited from Upamecano’s performance.

It could be argued that Kim’s performances in Munich are not as good as they were at Napoli. However, it’s hard to argue with the criticism that he’s never been at his best on the pitch. In his most recent game, against Freiburg, Kim made 171 passes, the second most passes in a single game in the Bundesliga. His defense was also impeccable, and he even earned a standing ovation from the Munich fans.

It’s hard to argue that Upamecano hasn’t been able to help him play the way he has. If we analyze the eight games in which Kim and Upamecano have started together, Kim has a higher rating than Upamecano. In five of the eight games, Kim has a higher rating than Upamecano, according to soccer stats site Couch Score. One of the remaining three matches is tied.

Also, in the second half of last season, Upamecano was the reason for Munich’s second-half slump. This season, he was expected to be pushed out of the starting lineup when Munich signed Kim Min-Jae. He was criticized for his poor performances in the preseason, but once he started playing alongside Kim, he regained his form. In other words, the Upamecano owes a lot to him, and you have to give him credit.


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