The seven women’s teams in the V-League predicted championships: Heungkuk Life~Pepper Savings Bank~Doha Corporation

October 13, 2023 | by

As the 2023-2024 V-League kicks off on Thursday, Heungkuk Life, Korea Expressway Corporation, and Pepper Savings Bank are the favorites to advance to the championship game.

The Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) held the ‘Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Media Day’ at Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on Wednesday. Seven team managers and key players, including Kim Jong-min, head coach of Korea Expressway Corporation, Marcello Avondanza, head coach of Heungkuk Life (Italy), Kang Sung-hyung, head coach of Hyundai E&C, Ko Hee-jin, head coach of Jung Kwan-jang (former KGC Ginseng Corporation), Cha Sang-hyun, head coach of GS Caltex, Kim Ho-cheol, head coach of IBK, and Joe Trinzi, head coach of Pepper Savings Bank (USA), attended the event and revealed their preparations and resolutions for the new season.

The media day started with the question, “Who will be the favorite to win the championship this season?” and the atmosphere became heated. A total of 14 votes were cast, two for each team, with last season’s runner-up Heungkuk Sinsung receiving the most votes with four. They were followed by Pepper Savings Bank and defending champion Road Corporation (both with three votes). IBK and Jungkwanjang also received two votes each. “It’s natural to name us as the favorite (to make it to the championship this season),” Abondanza said, adding, “We have a lot of good players, so I’m confident we’ll do well throughout the season.”

Naturally, other teams were wary of Heungkuk Life. Coach Ko Hee-jin said, “Heungkuk Life is a stronger team after winning the championship because they have a good composition of players.” Coach Kim Ho-cheol also said, “From the outside, Heungkuk Life is a very confident team. In addition, (Kim) Suzy joined as a free agent (FA), so they have a complete lineup.”

There were also warnings and praise for Roadworks and Pepper Savings Bank, which were named as Heungkuk Life’s opponents. Speaking about the team that defeated Heungkuk Sinsaeng in last season’s championship, Kang Sung-hyung said, “(They) have a cohesive team and have done a good job of reinforcing their power. The members’ skills are also outstanding.” For Pepper Savings Bank, coach Cha Sang-hyun said, “I think we’re a different team than last season because we’ve reinforced our strength.”

In response, Coach Trinzi said, “We will learn and improve with each game and training. We will become the most improved team in the final game of this season 안전놀이터.” Coach Kim Jong-min said, “Our strength is weaker than last season. “We will approach the season with caution against all teams, but we will deliver new impressions to our fans this season,” he said.


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