‘Shocked’ Liverpool RB’s life saved by ‘a blade of grass’ → Storm knocks out power pole, hits road, but he’s ‘in heaven’

October 21, 2023 | by

Right now, the U.K. is facing an island-wide storm. Storm Babette is sweeping across the United Kingdom, causing massive damage. Landing planes have been blown off runways by high winds, and incidents have been reported across the country. It’s been a terrifying time. Three people are now reported to have died as a result of the storm.

In the meantime, English Premier League star Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold was reportedly the victim of a near-fatal accident during the storm. However, he escaped death by a fraction of a second. It was an accident that can only be described as an act of God.

According to an exclusive article published by The Sun on November 21, Alexander Arnold almost died in a terrifying accident caused by Storm Babette.

According to the article, Alexander Arnold was driving through 70 mph (113 km/h) winds on the 20th. It’s unclear why Alexander Arnold was driving through the storm, as he was reportedly on his way to a training session. The gale-force winds uprooted a nearly 13-meter high voltage transmission tower and toppled it onto the side of the road where many cars were traveling.

The unexpected accident happened right in front of Alexander Arnold. The fallen pole hit the road, but by a hair’s breadth, saving Alexander Arnold’s life. It was a stroke of luck. 안전놀이터

The high-voltage transmission pole weighed about 500 kilograms, and Alexander Arnold suddenly slammed on the brakes of his Range Rover and swerved, but the car behind him was unable to avoid it. A BMW SUV, the X5, rear-ended Alexander Arnold’s car.

Alexander Arnold immediately got out of his car, but was staggered by the impact and the other driver was not able to steady himself. The two were seen talking.

Both were driving on a rain-soaked country road near Knutsford, Cheshire, England. Luckily, neither man was seriously injured.

One eyewitness said, “The wind was so strong that all of a sudden the pylon ripped off and fell down. It was terrible. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. If it had hit a car, someone could have been killed.” “What are the chances of this happening? Alexander Arnold will feel like he cheated death. If I had been a few seconds faster, I could have hit his car. It was really dangerous.”

In the photo of the accident scene, you can see a pylon lying on the side of the road with its wires hanging down. Alexander Arnold can be seen opening his car door and grabbing something. The left front of Arnold’s black Range Rover is damaged, and the white BMW has a broken front bumper after hitting a fence. Broken vehicle parts litter the area.

Alexander-Arnold, who lives near the scene of the accident, was reportedly on his way to Liverpool’s training ground to prepare for a match against Everton at Anfield on the night of the 20th.

Meanwhile, local police said they responded to a report of a car accident involving a black Range Rover and a BMW at 10:34 a.m. on the 20th. No one was injured and the accident was cleared by 1:05 p.m., they said.

[Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, an England international. He was involved in a car accident on his way to Liverpool training. Photos from the scene show that his car was damaged.


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