“Hwang Min-kyung? I know his shortcomings” “Kang Sung-hyung’s confidence will come true” “We need to shake up the opponent’s reception”

October 22, 2023 | by

“It’s not like I’m going to tell you my shortcomings…”

The first match of the season against a former student who moved to free agency. Hyundai E&C coach Kang Sung-hyung had a smile on his face.

On the 21st, Hwaseong Gymnasium. IBK and Hyundai E&C faced off.

Hwang Min-kyung moved to IBK as a free agent last offseason. He is the highest paid player on the team with an annual salary of 450 million won. Hyundai E&C named Kim Joo-hyang as the compensation player.

At the beginning of the season, Hyundai E&C felt Hwang Min-kyung’s absence as the Kim Joo-hyang-Wipawi receiving line faltered. Meanwhile, Hwang Min-kyung is also unable to play a full game due to poor physical condition.

Coach Kang Sung-hyung said before the game, “Ponpun is also a good tosser. I was impressed just by watching her,” he said, adding, “We need to attack her serve more powerfully to keep her on her feet.”

“Hwang Min-kyung is good,” said Kang, who laughed, “I can’t talk about it because she’s my opponent, but I know her weaknesses. I’m sure she’s familiar with our team’s style.” He continued

“Their side blocking is lower than Heungkuk Life’s, so maybe Moma’s success rate will increase,” he added. On Wipawi, he said, “We talked about receiving more. She is a very active player, so she seems to be preparing well.” 토토사이트

When asked about Hwang Min-kyung, Kim Ho-cheol, head coach of IBK, said, “Physically, she can’t play a full game because of the after-effects of her knee surgery.”

“I think she can play one and a half, two sets at most,” he said, adding, “However, it would be better to start with Hwang Min-kyung than to start with Yuk Seo-young and then replace her with Hwang Min-kyung (as was done on the 17th).”

On the other hand, Kim Ha-kyung, the setter who complained of cholestasis in the last match, said, “I’m not feeling well today, so I can’t play. Today, I think we should go with Ponpun playing alone and the other two setters (Kim Yoon-woo and Lee Sol-ah) helping out.”


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