Kang Jun-koo and Kim Se-jin selected first overall in men’s and women’s handball rookie drafts

October 26, 2023 | by

Kang Jun-gu (Chosun University) and Kim Se-jin (Hwangji Information Industry High School) were selected as the first overall men’s and women’s picks, respectively, in the 2023-2024 Handball H League Rookie Draft.

Incheon City Corporation, which holds the first-round pick, selected Kang Jun-gu from Chosun University in the Handball H-League Men’s Rookie Draft held at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on June 26.

Kang, who played for the national youth team in 2018 and 2019 and the junior national team in 2021, has been a consistent performer this year, finishing second in the National University Handball Unified League and third in the National University Handball Unified Championship.

With the second pick, Chungnam selected 6-foot-2 Lee Hyuk-kyu from Kyung Hee University. The 2023 Taebaeksanggi Most Valuable Player can play both pivot and left back.

With the third pick, Hanam City Hall selected Kim Chan-young of Hanze University, who finished first at the National University Handball Combined Championships and the National Specific Championships. The SK Hawks, who held the fourth pick, selected Wonkwangdae’s Jung Mir. Fifth-ranked Doosan selected Cho Un-sik.

In the women’s rookie draft, Kim Se-jin was selected by Gyeongnam Development Corporation with the first pick of the first round.

The 174-centimeter Kim is an elite player who won the 2022 World Women’s Youth Handball Championship and the 2023 Asian Women’s Junior Handball Championship 온라인카지노.

Second on the list is Eunbin Cho of Hanchei University, who will be wearing the Seoul Metropolitan Government uniform. Jo has won multiple trophies, including the 2022 FISU Handball World Cup title and MVP award, and the 2019 15th Asian Women’s Junior (U20) Handball Championship.

With the third pick, SK Sugar Gliders selected Park Soo-jung, a multiplayer who has played at the international level, while the fourth pick, Incheon Metropolitan Government, selected Lim Seo-young, an Incheon businesswoman.

The fifth-ranked Gwangju City Corporation selected Ilshin Girls’ High School’s Kim Seo-jin, who won the World Women’s Youth Handball Championship and the Asian Women’s Junior Handball Championship.

A total of 33 players, including 13 men and 20 women, were selected in the rookie draft. The Hanam City Hall men and SK Sugar Gliders women were the most active drafters, selecting four players each.

The nomination rate was 65% for the men (20 nominations) and 91% for the women (22 nominations), with an average of 79% for both genders.

The H-League will run until May 2 next year, starting with the opening game between the SK Sugar Gliders and the Busan Facilities Corporation on May 11 at 2 p.m. at SK Handball Stadium.


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