Hanwha hires Jung Kyung-bae as head coach, “will also be involved in hitting, focus on mental management + technical training”

October 27, 2023 | by

Coach Jung Kyung-bae (49) has returned to the Hanwha Eagles. He will assist head coach Choi Won-ho (50) as an assistant coach.

The Hanwha Eagles officially announced today that they have hired former SSG Landers coach Jung Kyung-bae.

Hanwha explained the background of the appointment, saying, “He joined the club as the hitting coach of the Hanwha Eagles Futures in 2020 and has coached young players who are currently playing, so he has the advantage of knowing the players.” 굿모닝토토

“I am returning to the Hanwha Eagles with a heavy responsibility to work well with Coach Choi Won-ho and deliver results,” said Chung.

Hanwha emphasized that Chung “will serve as the head coach next season, but will also be involved in the hitting department, focusing on improving the skills of the fielders.”

“I know that I have to be involved in the hitting part to some extent and try to help the team improve,” said Chung. “For the players who have improved to a certain extent, I will focus on mental (mental strength) management rather than the technical part. For younger players, we will train them to complement their skills so that they can maximize their abilities.”

“Above all, the head coach is an important position for communication between the manager and the coaching staff and between the coaching staff and the players, so I will try to play a good role in the middle so that they can communicate comfortably,” said Chung.


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