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October 29, 2023 | by

I’m so excited. And I’m not teasing the fans… David de Gea, the legendary goalkeeper who played 12 seasons for Manchester United in the English Premier League, seems to be doing the famous “twenty-something nod”.

De Gea recently posted a photo on social media of him and his wife, who he married this year, having coffee at a cafe in Manchester. He wrote, “I love you,” as he shared an affectionate cup of coffee with his wife.

There were two photos, one in color and one in black and white, of the two of them separately, with the location set to “Manchester”. It read, “I’m having a great time in Manchester right now. Manchester United fans probably interpreted this as a hint that De Gea might be returning to the club,

However, De Gea has been posting “know-it-all” photos on social media lately. Last month, De Gea posted a photo of a tennis court and labeled the location as Manchester. Fans liked the idea of De Gea making a comeback, as he was reluctant to leave United. However, the article in the press read: ‘De Gea is in Manchester to sell his mansion in Manchester’.

In fact, De Gea wanted to stay at United after the end of last season. De Gea asked the club to keep him, even though he was willing to take a £375,000-a-week pay cut. This shows how much he wanted to continue wearing the United shirt.

Despite De Gea’s departure, things have changed recently. Reports have emerged that United are increasingly likely to bring De Gea back to the club on a short-term deal in the January winter transfer window. The reason for this is to replace Onana, who was brought in to replace De Gea.

Onana is the goalkeeper for the Cameroon national team. Cameroon will be playing in the Africa Cup of Nations in January and February. Onana will be away from the United goal for about a month as he’s expected to be selected for the national team, which is why United are reportedly looking to sign De Gea for a month to get him back in goal.

In response to these reports, De Gea posted a meaningful emoji on social media. It was a “Thinking face emoji,” which means “I’ll think about it,” with no explanation. 짱구카지노 도메인

The next day, De Gea shared another photo on social media. This time with soccer shoes, a soccer ball, and a goalkeeper’s glove. It was probably meant to say, “I’m training like this from now on,” implying that he would play goalkeeper for a short period of time if Man United called him up.

In other words, ‘I’m preparing like this. Now it’s up to the club. As mentioned earlier, De Gea wanted to stay at United, but coach Eric ten Hagg and the club let him go.

So, the media reported that De Gea enjoyed a date in Manchester with his wife, Eduard Garcia, as he contemplated a return to Manchester United.

Fans have been wondering what this means for the Red Devils, and what the club’s options are. Fans are desperate for De Gea to return to the club.

De Gea joined United from Atletico Madrid in 2011. Since then, he has been United’s goalkeeper for 12 seasons, making 545 appearances in total. He has won eight trophies with the club, including one EPL title.


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