Samsung spurs dynasty rebuilding with outside blood transfusions, including signing Da Seung-wang-Kook right fielder

November 4, 2023 | by

The Samsung Lions have transfused outside blood by bringing in a coaching staff that has been called a multi-time champion and national right fielder. At the same time, the team strengthened its training program to improve its constitution.

Samsung is making changes from the inside out to rebuild its reputation. On the 3rd, Samsung announced the news of a large-scale coaching staff recruitment. In particular, it is a shakeup that changes all the major coaches in the first and second teams.

First, the first team hired pitching coach Jung Min-tae, hitting coach Lee Jin-young, and first team general manager Jung Yeon-chang. The second team, the Futures, also hired Dae-hyun Jeong, pitching coach Kang Young-sik, and general training coach Kim Ji-hoon, who are the core of the coaching staff.

We’ve added six new coaches to our coaching staff, which means we’ve definitely bolstered our human resources. The new coaches are quite impressive.

First, SPOTV commentator Min-tae Jung will serve as the first pitching coach. Jung began his professional career with the Pacific in 1992, where he served as the team’s ace as a starting pitcher and won multiple championships.

After retiring from active play, he worked as a pitching coach and bullpen coach for the Nexen Heroes, Lotte Giants, and Hanwha Eagles, among others. The new Samsung pitching coach, Jung Min-tae, is different from previous Samsung pitching coaching staffs in that he has worked in various roles in the first team, futures, and developmental teams.

Samsung has always had a tradition of hiring blue bloods for pitching coaching positions. However, with the arrival of Lee Jong-yeol from the outside, the team has made changes to the core coaching staff.

The first-team hitting coach is Jin-young Lee. Nicknamed the Korean right fielder, Lee played 20 professional seasons, amassing 2125 hits and a career batting average of .305. After retiring from the game, Lee worked as a power analyst for the national team and as a hitting coach for the SK Wyverns and SSG Landers. He led SSG to the title last year and is known for his ability to connect with players.

There are a number of changes to the Futures coaching staff. First of all, Jung Dae-hyun was appointed as the head coach of the Futures, who previously coached players at Dongwon University. Jung is known as the “Queen Bee” and is a former star player who wore the Taeguk mark at international competitions such as the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The new Samsung Futures head coach led Dongdaemun University to an Amayagu powerhouse and served as a bullpen coach at the Tokyo Olympics, proving that he is as good a coach as he is a player. He has been sought after by many teams over the years, and now he is starting his professional coaching career with Samsung Futures. Samsung has high hopes for this hire.

Also joining the Futures pitching staff is longtime Lotte Giants coach Young-sik Kang. Kang spent 18 years playing for HaeTae, Samsung, and Lotte, and after his retirement, he coached for Lotte. 아톰카지노 도메인

Kang made his professional debut with Haetae and also played for Samsung for six years, but he spent a whopping 11 years with Lotte from 2006 to 2017. His coaching career was also heavily colored with Lotte from 2018 to this year, so it’s a bold move by Samsung to bring in some new blood.

Samsung has been criticized by fans for a number of tangible problems in its player development, such as a decline in the fastballs of rookies and emerging players, and the team is trying to make changes by strengthening the training part.

For the first team, head coach Jeong Yeon-chang, formerly the head trainer of the NC Dinos, has been hired, and for the future, head coach Kim Ji-hoon, who served as a trainer at the 2023 Asian Games, has joined. Three additional trainers (Yeom Sang-cheol for the first team, Heo Jun-hwan for Futures, and Kim Yong-hae for Rehabilitation) were hired to strengthen the technical and training sections.

“Along with an experienced first-team pitching coach, we have recruited a young leader with strengths in pitcher development as the head coach of Futures,” said Samsung President Lee Jong-yeol. “This will help us build a strong team that can consistently challenge the postseason.”

“We needed to strengthen the training staff to fundamentally improve the rookie-level pitchers’ fastball and hitters’ power issues, and we have taken the first step,” he said, adding, “We will try to achieve the two goals of developing the Futures along with immediate effects in the first team, such as managing player injuries in the future.”

Many baseball fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of Staubregg’s changes, which will see Samsung make a definitive overhaul of its coaching staff with minimal turnover and a number of new faces in key positions.


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