Lotte front desk reorganization, large-scale personnel transfers including deputy managers and team leaders

November 5, 2023 | by

The Lotte Giants’ front office overhaul begins.

The Giants have decided to make some major personnel changes, including a number of changes to the positions of assistant managers and team managers.

According to MK Sports, Lotte is undergoing an internal reorganization of the front office under new manager Park Joon-hyuk. The two existing deputy managers will change their positions, and at least three teams, including the operations, scouting, and development teams, will be headed by new faces.

First, the two existing deputy general managers will be reassigned. The former deputy general manager of operations and the former deputy general manager of scouting, Sung Min-kyu, will focus on the relatively limited tasks of handling foreign players and scouting, respectively.

At the same time, Lotte’s front office, which has been at the center of controversy this year, will also see a number of personnel changes in the operations, scouting, and development departments.

First, the operations team is expected to change its team leader. A new assistant manager will be appointed to replace the current team leader. A different person will also take over as Lotte’s first team manager. In addition, some veteran frontline members of the operations team will be transferred to other departments.

The existing head of the scouting team will move to the operations team and take up another position. The scouting team is currently undergoing a number of personnel changes and departmental transfers. It will be the organization that will undergo the biggest changes. However, the positions of the team leaders and other personnel who will be transferred have not yet been finalized, and there is a possibility of additional changes.

The team leader of the nurturing team is also a new person. The team has decided to discipline itself after it was confirmed that key members of the team were involved in misconduct. The scouting and development teams are also reportedly planning to make major changes.

At the time of Park’s appointment, a baseball insider familiar with the team’s internal affairs told MK Sports, “It’s not uncommon for clubs to promote conflict through internal factional fights. “Even if a new leader comes in, the team can’t do well because it keeps repeating itself, and Park Jun-hyuk, who has seen that from the sidelines, will definitely be able to renew the atmosphere on the front line.”

Park also signaled a major change by issuing a strong warning to some front desks that prioritized ‘individual’ over ‘team’ through the media. 카지노사이트

After taking over, Park moved quickly to reorganize the system of assistant managers, changing all the heads of departments that have a lot to do with Lotte’s players in terms of player supply and performance, such as operations, scouting, and development.


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