Dream Tour winner Jung-min Moon “aims to make cuts in all tournaments next year”

November 7, 2023 | by

“My goals were to make the regular tour next year and to win the Dream Tour money list this year, and I’m really happy to have accomplished both.”

That’s how Jung Min Moon, 21, who has made a name for herself among golf fans with her long drives averaging nearly 260 yards and her flamboyant fashion sense, feels after earning a full seed on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour.

In a recent interview with E-Daily, Moon, who won two tournaments on the KLPGA Dream Tour (Part 2) this year, said, “It was hard to adjust to playing the regular tour and the Dream Tour, but I was able to win twice in the second half of the year after preparing hard. There was also a crisis in the final match of the Dream Tour when I almost lost the prize money, but I’m really happy that I finished well.”

With back-to-back victories at the 13th and 14th stages of the Dream Tour in September, Moon finished the season atop the prize pool with $48.42 million in winnings from this year’s Dream Tour. As the top 20 players on the Dream Tour money list receive a full seed on the KLPGA Tour next season, Moon will be eligible to compete in all KLPGA Tour events next year as the Dream Tour money winner. 캡틴토토 주소

Moon, who competed in short track until the sixth grade, made her KLPGA Tour rookie debut last year. In 27 tournaments, she recorded just one top-10 and finished 75th on the money list. She was unable to secure a seeding for next season, which is available to players ranked 60th on the money list, and was pushed into the seeding battle. After finishing 41st in the seeding, Moon decided to combine his regular tour with the secondary Dream Tour this year.

By playing two tours at once, he played 31 tournaments this year. That’s four or five more tournaments than other players. The tournaments overlapped and he had to play for 10 consecutive days, but his determination to return to the regular tour was strong. She spent five hours a day practicing her putts to get used to the slower speed of the Dream Tour greens. Moon, whose long but inaccurate drives ranked second (258.20 yards) on the KLPGA Tour this year behind Bang Shin-shil (262.62 yards on average), also focused on getting her tee shots into the fairway accurately.

“When I’m nervous or on a course with narrow fairways, my rhythm often quickens. “Before this season, I practiced a lot of swings where I paused at the top of my backswing and then swung the club. My rhythm became more consistent and I was able to find the fairway more often, which was the key to my success this season.”

Moon also regretted that she was not prepared for the difficulties of the regular tour last year as a rookie. “In fact, I had high expectations after finishing runner-up at the Gyochon 1991 Ladies Open in May this year, but my game did not go as well as I had hoped. To make matters worse, I had a really hard time adjusting to the Dream Tour. I had a lot of self-doubt and negative thoughts about playing in the seeded matches, but coach Kim Ki-joon helped me believe in myself,” she said.

He vowed to learn from last year’s disappointment and show more improvement on the regular tour next year. “My score this year is 80 points. I was disappointed that I couldn’t show everything I had prepared for the regular tour, so next year I want to show more growth than I have so far,” he said. “I want to be a steady player, so I aim to make the cut in every tournament, and if I get a chance to win, I will definitely try to grab it,” he said.


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