Sono’s 300 million won club bus ‘for the players’…travels to Daegu in a new bus

November 10, 2023 | by

A new bus has arrived in the Goyang Sono Arena parking lot to accompany the players on their travels.

Goyang Sono head coach Lee Ji-wan headed to the large vehicle parking lot on Tuesday afternoon to pick up the team’s newly purchased bus.

The Sono, which was founded last July, has been investing in the convenience of its players. The team has spent about 2 billion won to renovate and paint the Goyang Sono Arena, work on the court floor, improve the practice gym, equip the rest rooms, and purchase medical treatment machines. 캡틴토토

“After the club was approved on July 21, we started renovating the gymnasium, but there were many areas that needed attention. It wasn’t just a matter of changing the entire stadium to our colors. The players’ break room had a lot of mold, so we had to rip it out and redo everything. Even the showers in the locker rooms were meticulously maintained. That’s how you become a club that players want to be a part of, a club that they want to come to.”

Buying a bus is another investment for the team. Sono invested 300 million won to purchase a team bus. “We didn’t even have a team bus,” says Lee Ki-wan. We tried to buy a premium bus, but there was no space for players over 2 meters tall, so we bought an honorary bus. I thought it should be a good bus, so I ordered the most expensive one. A 28-seater bus had to be made into a 25-seater. The bus itself was backlogged, and we had to get the city to approve the conversion from 28 to 25 seats, so it took a while. But it feels good to have a new vehicle,” he smiles.

Sono’s new bus, painted in the team’s signature sky blue color and logo, left for Daegu on the morning of the 10th. Sono will be looking for their third win of the season on the 11th against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.


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