‘First shutout win of the season’…’Time-differential try-for-turnover ratio up’ Enterprise Bank sees Ponfun effect in full swing

November 12, 2023 | by

The IBK Women’s Professional Volleyball team earned its first shutout win of the season. Asia Quarterly recruit and setter Ponpun Gedpard (Ponpun) made her mark.

The bank swept its 2023-24 Dodram V League Women’s Second Round home match against Korea Expressway Corporation (DOC) in straight sets, 3-0 (25-20, 25-14, 25-15), at Hwaseong Indoor Stadium on Nov. 11. The trio of Brittany Abecrombie (registered name Abecrombie), Hwang Min-kyung, and Pyo Seung-ju all posted double-digit kills. After going 2-4 in the first round, IBK remained in sixth place, but added three points on the day to move up to fifth. The difference between them and fourth-place Jungkwanjang is three points.

The offense was diverse, with flankers Abe Crombie (20 points), Pyo Seung-ju (11), and Hwang Min-kyung (10) notching 11 and 10 points, respectively. Young middle blockers Choi Jung-min and Lim Hye-rim also contributed five and four points, respectively.

On the flank, the team’s staggered attack stood out with five successes in 13 attempts. The center and setter also had eight attempts for a 50 percent success rate. Setter Ponpun’s game coordination shone through.

Ponpun was the first player drafted by KEB in the inaugural season of the Asian Quarter. She is the starting setter for Thailand’s national team, which has tormented South Korea in international competition on numerous occasions.

A setter not only needs to have a good toss, but also communicate well with his teammates. That’s why the choice of a foreigner as the starting setter is even more interesting.

After losing veteran center Kim Soo-ji to Heungkuk Life, the team was not at 100% as ace Kim Hee-jin was also sidelined for injury rehabilitation.

However, the chemistry between the striker and Ponpun has improved. The team won its first two games in a row, a 3-2 victory over Roadworks on March 28 and then a 1-0 win over Pepper Savings Bank on March 29. They then lost their next two home-and-home series against ‘favorite’ Heungkuk Life, but on the 11th, they beat DOT again.

Coach Kim Ho-cheol dismissed any doubts about Ponfun. “It’s true that teamwork has been slower than expected,” he said, “but if any team had the first pick, they would have picked Ponpun. Other first-round managers also predicted that Ponpun’s impact would grow over time.

The match on Nov. 11 was the first shutout (winning without dropping a set) for the team this season. The chemistry between setters and attackers has improved. The race for the women’s title is just beginning.캡틴토토 도메인


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