A far cry from the days of Rice Dink… Park Hang-seo’s Vietnam was sold out, Trucee’s not, so she sighs.

November 13, 2023 | by

“Those were the good old days”. The Vietnamese media breathed a sigh of relief at the soccer fever, a far cry from the days of Park Hang-seo.

Vietnam’s ‘Lao Dong’ reported on Nov. 11 (KST), “Vietnam coach Philippe Trousier is about to make his first official A-match debut, not a friendly. However, unlike his predecessor Park Hang-seo, the soccer fever is cold. Expectations are low under Trucier.”

Trucier’s Vietnam national football team will take on the Iraqi national team at Hanoi’s Midine Stadium on Nov. 21 in the first leg of the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The match will mark the first official debut of Trucier, who took over from Park Hang-seo in January.

But public opinion is cold. Vietnam’s national soccer team went winless in three matches during the October A matches. After losing 0-2 to China and 0-2 to Uzbekistan, the team was thrashed 0-6 against South Korea. All three games were lost by huge margins, and the public opinion in the country is heated.

Deep down, the Vietnamese soccer community dreams of qualifying for the main tournament beyond the third qualifying round under Park Hang-seo. In such a situation, a big defeat against South Korea is a big defeat, but the second-seeded team in the Asian qualifiers also has a bad public opinion against China and Uzbekistan.

On the other hand, the teams they have beaten since Trucier’s arrival have all been underdogs, including Hong Kong (1-0), Syria (1-0), and Palestine (2-0). After the October A-Match, expectations for the national soccer team dropped dramatically in Vietnam.

The disappointing performance soon led to poor ticket sales for the Iraq game. “This is a very important match for Vietnamese football,” says Lao Dong. “The Vietnam Football Association wants to play this game with a full house,” says Lao Dong, “but the tickets didn’t sell well. The tickets were sold on the seventh day and are still being sold today.” 카지노사이트

“When Park Hang Seo was coach and after he left, all national team matches were quickly sold out,” said Lao Dong. However, after Park’s departure, the national team lost its appeal,” he said, adding, “Vietnamese soccer needs to perform beyond Southeast Asia. Truong Xie is the right man for the job,” he said.


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