“Suspended for knocking us out of the World Cup”…Perugia’s Ahn Sung-hwan named ‘Strangest Suspension in History’

November 14, 2023 | by

A British media outlet has named the strangest expulsions in soccer history, including that of Ahn Ji-Hwan from Perugia in Italy.

On Thursday (June 14), TalkSPORT in the United Kingdom published a list of “The Strangest Reasons Why Soccer Players Have Been Released” and listed seven cases. One of them is the case of Ahn Sung-hwan, who played for Perugia in 2002.

He was playing for Perugia in the Italian Serie A, the world’s top league at the time, when his contract was terminated for a bizarre reason. He had been selected by Gus Hiddink’s South Korean national soccer team to play in the round of 16 at the 2002 World Cup in South Korea, where he scored the winning goal against Italy to eliminate them.

After beating Poland and Portugal in the group stage and drawing with the United States to top the group, the team faced the Italians in the round of 16. The team struggled early in the first half, as Choi Sung-hwan missed a penalty kick and center back Kim Tae-young was injured by Italy’s rough soccer. 카지노사이트

In the end, they conceded the first goal to Italy. Christian Vieri, who had a reputation as a world-class striker, scored the goal. In the 43rd minute of the second half, when the defeat was deep, the theater equalizer came. The hero was Seol Ki-hyun. Her cross bounced off a defender and she quickly slotted it into the corner of the goal. Even Gianluigi Buffon, the world’s best goalkeeper, couldn’t stop it.

In dramatic fashion, the game went into extra time. Italian ace Francesco Totti was sent off for a second bookable offense for simulating in the box. With the numerical advantage, the Koreans went all out and scored the game-winning goal when Lee Dong-hwan headed home a cross from Lee Young-pyo. Under the golden goal rule at the time, the game ended in a straightforward victory for Korea. Italy had to pack their bags in the round of 16.

The next day, Stefan received shocking news. His contract with Perugia had been terminated. His contract was terminated for eliminating Italy.

“Former South Korean international striker Steady paid a heavy price after scoring the golden goal against Italy at the 2002 World Cup,” said Talk Sports, “Steady’s 117th-minute goal cost Italy and propelled South Korea to its first and only quarterfinal appearance in history.”

“But he didn’t have much time to celebrate. “The next morning, he woke up to find his contract terminated by Perugia,” said Luciano Gauci, the club’s president, who released him, saying, “I don’t want to pay someone who ruined Italian soccer. His goal was one of the most important in Korean history, but it cost him his club career.”

Other cases include Brazilian defender Marcelo, who was released by Olympique Lyonnais for farting in the locker room; Everton’s Geoffrey De Visser, who was reportedly released for defecating in public; and Lee Clark, who was released by Sunderland for wearing a jersey supporting rivals Newcastle, Adil Rami, who wrestled on a TV show while injured; Michael Keane, who was released from St. Patrick’s Athletic for being overweight; and Sergio Guardiola, who was released from Barcelona for posting on social media praising rival Real Madrid and insulting Barcelona.


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