Juventus re-sign ‘illegal betting’ ‘gambling addict’ MF Fazioli until June 2028

November 15, 2023 | by

Juventus has re-signed Italian international soccer midfielder Nicolo Pazzioli, who has been embroiled in an illegal betting scandal.

Juventus announced on its website on Thursday that it has renewed the player’s contract through June 30, 2028. “We want to provide him with treatment and training and give him the help he needs in the coming months, he is a very important player for us,” Juventus president Cristiano Giuntoli said.

A former Juventus youth product, Pazzioli made his first-team debut in 2021 and began to establish himself as a regular part of the squad in the 2022-2023 season. However, he recently shocked fans with news of his involvement in the illegal sports betting scandal that has rocked the Italian soccer world. 캡틴토토

It’s not just a gambling addiction though, Pazzioli has reportedly borrowed money from several people and has been threatened by loan sharks. He has now been found to have a gambling addiction and has been suspended for seven months, meaning he won’t be able to play until next May. Juventus are doing everything they can to save Fazio, who is in the midst of a career crisis.


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