Bae Young-bin, ‘concealing drunk driving’, disciplinary committee held… Lotte of ‘One Punishment, One Punishment’, decided to be the highest level? If you leave the military, you will not be able to return to baseball.

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A disciplinary committee will be held for Bae Young-bin, whose license was revoked for ‘drunk driving’. In a situation where ‘double disciplinary action’ is impossible, it seems very likely that the Lotte Giants will hold a disciplinary committee, with ‘expulsion’ at the highest level.

On the 16th, Lotte will hold its own disciplinary committee for Bae Young-bin, who recently caused controversy due to drunk driving. The KBO prohibits clubs from imposing disciplinary action on players on their own, other than disciplinary action from the Reward and Punishment Committee. However, as the matter was so serious, Lotte decided to open its own disciplinary committee.

On the 14th, very shocking news arrived. According to ‘My Daily’ coverage, Bae Young-bin was caught behind the wheel of a car while drinking in Songpa-gu, Seoul at the end of last month. At the time, Bae Young-bin was parked in an alley, so a substitute driver was called in, and he was caught driving about 300 meters to move his car into a wider area.

Regardless of how far he drove, it was a ‘crime’ for him to drink and get behind the wheel. In Bae Young-bin’s case, fortunately, he did not cause an accident, but accidents can occur at any time if one’s judgment is impaired after drinking. In particular, Bae Young-bin was known to have been drunk enough to have his license revoked at the time.

It was a problem that he drank and drove, but it was also shocking that he ‘hid’ the fact of his crime. Even though Bae Young-bin was arrested for drunk driving and had his license revoked, he joined the finishing camp and trained without informing the team of the fact. As the player cannot control his personal life, such as going to Seoul and drinking, Lotte only became aware of the incident about a week after it occurred.

Although Lotte was a little late, it reported the fact to the KBO Clean Bay Ball Center immediately after confirming that Bae Young-bin’s license had been revoked due to drunk driving. And on the 16th, it was finally decided to hold its own rewards and punishment committee.

Bae Young-bin, a ‘college graduate’, started his professional career wearing a Lotte uniform as a ‘training player’ this year. Youngbin Bae played in 76 games for the second team, recording 49 hits, 2 home runs, a batting average of 0.253, and an OPS of 0.619 before making his debut against the Kiwoom Heroes on August 20. He showed impressive performance at the time, scoring 3 hits, and later appeared in games as a pinch hitter or substitute defender, appearing in 18 games and leaving a batting average of 0.313.

No matter how much he wore the Lotte uniform as a ‘training player’, it was a complete disaster for the club as he showed potential as a backup agent. After failing to advance to the post-season for 6 years, expectations are rising through ‘reorganization’, such as recruiting new ‘master’ coach Kim Tae-hyung, who has been on the Korean Series (KS) stage for 7 consecutive years, and appointing general manager Park Jun-hyuk. I poured cold water on it.

In particular, at Lotte, it was revealed last March that Seo Jun-won had committed a sex crime against a minor and had been hiding it from the club. He couldn’t cover the sky with his palm. Immediately after Seo Jun-won’s sex crimes against minors became known, Lotte held its own disciplinary committee and announced, “We have decided to release pitcher Seo Jun-won.”

Lotte continued, “The club has decided to expel the player, which is the highest level of disciplinary action, regardless of whether or not the prosecution indicts him,” and added, “We acknowledge the player’s negligence in management and will strive to strictly prevent recurrence by implementing strict gender awareness education in the future.” announced its position. In addition, Lee Kang-hoon, CEO of Lotte at the time, bowed his head and said, “I sincerely apologize for the recent unpleasant incident caused by a member of the club.”

Each club, including the KBO, conducts thorough training several times a year to prevent players from engaging in ‘deviant behavior.’ However, accidents continue to occur every year. Some players who have no ‘learning effect’ are undermining the efforts of players who are sweating hard to show their best play on the field. In particular, despite personally observing his ‘senior’ taking off his uniform and not being able to return to the baseball world due to an unfortunate incident, Bae Young-bin committed an irreparable accident. His sense of responsibility and consideration were nowhere to be seen.

The KBO prohibits ‘double disciplinary action’ by clubs other than the Reward and Punishment Committee. Nevertheless, considering that Lotte holds its own disciplinary committee, it is very likely that Bae Young-bin, who committed drunk driving, will be taken off his uniform. According to KBO drunk driving punishment regulations, ‘license suspension’ is punishable by 70 games, and ‘license cancellation’ is punishable by one year. Bae Young-bin, whose license has been revoked, will be disqualified for one year, and if he is released from Lotte, it will not be easy for him to continue his career as a player in the future.

This case of Bae Young-bin is expected to send a very strong message not only to the Lotte team but also to numerous players in the KBO league.아톰카지노 주소


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