Tokyo Dome silence! 日 5 innings until the end…AG Korea-bound 2000-year-old pitcher, ‘154㎞ bang’ 5 innings perfect→6⅔ innings 1 run ‘monster pitching’

November 17, 2023 | by

The Japanese bats were frozen by the hard-hitting fastballs of the Taiwanese pitcher.

Chinese Taipei faced Japan in the first round of the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) Qualifier on Saturday at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Chinese Taipei’s starting pitcher was 23-year-old Tung Yi Lions’ Liu Yang. He pitched two innings of one-hit relief against South Korea at the Asian Games.

Born in 2000, Gulin Liu-yang has been an ace in the Taiwanese League for some time now. In 13 appearances this season, she went 5-2 with a 1.80 ERA. In his 49-game career, he is 22-13 with a 2.88 ERA.

Japan’s starting lineup was Yuki Okabayashi (center field), Kaito Konozawa (shortstop), Shota Morishita (left field), Shogo Maki (first base), Teruaki Sato (third base), Chusei Mannami (right field), Shogo Sakakura (catcher), Makoto Kadoki (second base), and Yuto Akihiro (designated hitter).

The pitching was perfect until the fifth inning. After two flyouts and a strikeout in the top of the first inning, Gurin-Liu Yang got Maki, Japan’s No. 4 hitter, to ground out to second before striking out Sato. The last pitch in particular was clocked at 154 kilometers. She got Mannami to fly out to end the inning.

With one out in the top of the third, Kadoki hit a hard line drive to right field, but Hosobi was there to save the day. He got Akihiro to ground out to end the inning. In both the fourth and fifth innings, he continued his perfect game with a triple play 캡틴토토 도메인.

After walking Sakakura to lead off the sixth, he gave up his first hit, a double to right-center to Kadoki.

The disappointment didn’t last long. He continued to pitch without wavering. He got Akihiro to ground out and then struck out Okabayashi to end the inning. By the sixth inning, he had thrown only 76 pitches.

In the top of the seventh, he got his first leadoff hit. He threw a low 152-kilometer fastball to Kozono, but Kozono flicked his bat at it for a hit, but then threw out the runner at second to erase the threat.

As he got hit a little bit, he eventually gave up a home run. Against Morishita, a 150-kilometer fastball at 1B went a little high and ended up being a home run.

After striking out the next batter, Maki, on an infield grounder, Gurin-Liu Yang’s 86-pitch at-bat was over.

He was replaced by Wang Zhihui after the seventh inning. Despite not having enough runs to win the game, Gou Linliu’s pitching in the fifth inning was enough to keep Japan on their toes.

In the end, Japan won the game 4-0. A three-run rally in the top of the ninth inning provided the final blow.

After the game, head coach Hirokazu Ibata said, “It was a difficult atmosphere from the beginning. “The scoring started with Morishita’s home run, then the hits came and we were able to play well in the last nine innings,” said Ibata.

“I think he’s a pitcher who can make pitches in the strike zone. She’s rare in Japan. Even in the middle of the plate, he can make pitches in the strike zone. She can go to the world.”

“Today’s game was very stimulating and both teams performed well. “I don’t need to say anything about Gulin-Liu Yang’s pitching, it was so good. She deserves a 100.”

“I felt a lot of pressure against the Japanese batsmen. I had to be careful with both left and right-handed batters.” “I think I made a good pitch today. I hope to attract the attention of the world with my pitching today, and if I get the chance, I would like to challenge the major leagues in Japan or the United States.”


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