“Ronaldo for speed, me for determination”…Kane’s ‘perfect striker’ → ‘best friend’ SON didn’t exist

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Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) did not mention Son Heung-min, his best partner at Tottenham Hotspur, when creating his ‘Perfect Striker’.

“Harry Kane did not mention Tottenham superstar Son Heung-min when creating his ‘perfect striker’ based on the qualities of other players,” British media outlet SpursWeb reported on Feb. 22.

According to the outlet, ESPN UK outlined eight areas for Kane: movement, speed, heading, determination, strength, dribbling, link-up play and workrate. Kane picked the players he thought were the best in each area and tried to combine their strengths to create the “perfect attacker.

First, Kane chose Uruguayan standout Edinson Cavani (CA Boca Juniors) for his movement, legendary striker Cristiano Ronaldo (Alnasr) for his speed, and 6-foot-3 striker Peter Crouch for his header. He then chose himself in the decisiveness category, taking pride in his finishing ability.

For strength, he chose Didier Drogba, the Ivory Coast legend who played for Chelsea. For dribbling, French soccer star Kylian Mbappe (PSG) was chosen, and for link-up play, Manchester United and England legend Wayne Rooney. Finally, the most active player was 2023 Golden Boy winner Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid).

While Kane’s list resonated because they were all top soccer players, some fans were disappointed that he didn’t name Son Heung-min, a former close teammate.

During his time at Spurs, Kane and Son combined for a whopping 47 Premier League goals. Heung-Min scored 24 goals and Kane scored 23, making them one of the best combinations in the league, as their 47 goals together are the most in Premier League history. Korean soccer fans dubbed them the “Son-Ke Duo” after the two players.

After making history in the Premier League, the Son-Ke duo broke up when Kane moved to Bayern Munich last summer. Despite the loss of their best partner, the two players remained unchanged and were responsible for the team’s goals. Kane has proved himself to be a world-class striker with 21 goals and seven assists in all competitions since his move to Munich, while Son has also been in contention for the Premier League’s top scorer without him, with eight goals this season.

Given Son’s recent form and the fact that he was a close teammate at Tottenham, fans were expecting Kane to pick him out of the eight areas, but he didn’t mention him at all.

“There’s no place for Son in Kane’s ‘perfect striker,'” the outlet wrote, adding, “With such an enviable record over so many years together, Kane would have been expected to name Son in at least one area as he aims to create the ‘perfect striker.

“Of course, the logical response is that Son was not a striker when Kane was at Tottenham, so Kane may not have considered Son as an option when asked this question.” When Son played alongside Kane, he was primarily a left winger. After Kane’s departure, he was deployed as a frontline striker to fill Kane’s void.

“Ideally, we think he can occupy one or two of those categories. In terms of pace and work rate, he’s definitely an option,” he said.

However, it’s not as if Kane has completely turned his back on Son, as other outlets have previously named him as a dream team member.

According to a report by Planet Football on March 3, when asked to name his dream team of players he has played with, Kane chose Son Heung-min.

Of course, Kane’s choice was Maguire. “Kane rates Maguire highly in his dream team of players he’s played with,” says Planet Football, “but whoever his new teammates in Munich are, it’s a little early to say whether they’ll make it into Kane’s dream team of five, which is a mix of Tottenham and England stars.”

Kane first singled out two strikers he worked well with at Tottenham, first and foremost Son Heung-min. “It would be two strikers, Son Heung-min and Gareth Bale,” he said, “and Wayne Rooney would be in there.” Rooney is now the manager of Birmingham City in the Championship, but he worked with Kane in his early days with the England national team.

He then picked Joe Hart, who now plays for Celtic, as his goalkeeper. He and Hart have played together at Tottenham and the England national team. “Even though I’ve played against some great goalkeepers in my time, I’d like to have him as my gatekeeper,” Kane said.

He then slipped in one defender, Maguire. Before he left Tottenham last summer, Kane reportedly recommended Maguire, who was on Spurs’ release list when new manager Mauricio Pochettino reshaped the defense.

“In defense, I’ve been lucky to play with some great players,” Kane said, “and Maguire has been fantastic for England. I want him in there,” he said, adding that he didn’t hesitate to pick Maguire.

Kane also spoke very highly of Eric Dier, who is now suspended, when he played for Tottenham.

I asked him to name five, but he already had Son, Bale, Rooney, Hart, and Maguire. Kane, so I picked two more midfield geniuses.

Judd Bellingham and Dele Alli. “In midfield, Bellingham has been fantastic,” Kane said, “and I’d put Dele Alli in there too, he’s been fantastic for Tottenham.”

Bellingham is only 20 years old, but he’s been on a tear for Real Madrid with goals and all-around play that makes him the favorite to win the Ballon d’Or next year.

Alli’s form has dipped over the past few years, and he’s been through the wringer at Everton, but he’s shown great chemistry with Kane at Tottenham and with the England national team.

As a result, Son is now 1-1 in Kane’s Dream Team selections this month.

Meanwhile, Son and Kane could meet as early as next summer, not as teammates but as adversaries.

That’s because Tottenham and Bayern Munich have scheduled a friendly between the two clubs as an option in the Kane transfer talks.

The Aventurer Zeitung, a newspaper familiar with the clubs in and around Munich, Germany, broke the news of the friendly. “In the course of the negotiations between Munich and Tottenham for the transfer of Kane, various additional agreements were reached,” the newspaper said, “so that the basic transfer fee for Kane is less than 100 million euros ($142.3 million).”

Kane, who has become a living legend in the Premier League beyond Tottenham, decided to move for the first time in his career last summer to win a trophy. Manchester United and Real Madrid were among the clubs that were linked with his departure from Spurs, but the German giants eventually landed him in Munich. Munich coach Thomas Tuchel’s previous stint at Chelsea meant that he was familiar with the Premier League and was confident that Kane could play as a target man in Munich.

After nearly two months of negotiations, the deal was finalized on August 11, just before the start of the Premier League season. At the time, there were many media reports about the transfer fee, but it seems to have been finalized at 95 million euros ($134.2 billion), just short of 100 million euros.

“Even the honorary chairman of Munich, Ulri Hoeneß, said in a recent management briefing that they only paid €95 million for Kane,” says Avent Chaitung. “In return, Tottenham agreed to play two friendlies, which are essentially games for the additional transfer fee for Kane. All proceeds will go to Tottenham. However, it is still unclear when and how the games will take place.”

In the end, it is likely that Munich will play Tottenham in two pre-season tour friendlies to ensure that the actual transfer fee is at least €100 million ($142.3 million).

Unless Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae move on in the near future, it’s a picture of the two of them wearing their club’s colors and blocking. It would also allow Tottenham’s most potent duo, Son and Kane, to split up and compete for firepower.

While the Avent Cai Tung hasn’t announced when Tottenham-Munich will take place, it could be as early as next summer. With Germany hosting the 2024 European Football Championship next June, it’s not hard to envision a scenario where the match could be played at both teams’ home stadiums or in Asia, such as South Korea or Japan.

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