“He’s got potential, it’s just going to take time” Dinosaurs 154km fireballer still 19… ‘has first-team hopes’ for 2024

December 10, 2023 | by

“Wow, he has a lot of potential.”

This is what NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-ho said about right-handed fireballer Shin Young-woo (19) during a recent meeting. Shin was the fourth overall pick in the 2023 first round out of Gyeongnam High School, but he didn’t make the first team this season. He started the season with the second team after posting a 3.00 ERA in two exhibition games.

In the Futures League, he went 3-7 with a 6.14 ERA in 17 games. Most notably, he started 16 of those 17 games. This means NC is developing Shin as a future starter. It makes sense. His fastball was in the low 140s as a sophomore, and it was in the high 150s as a junior.

Last year, he surprised the Monsters’ preseason squad with a 154km fastball on the JTBC entertainment program “Strongest Baseball”. This season, he’s been lightly sprinkling the ball in the mid-150s in the second team. It’s a remarkable talent to be able to throw a ball that far when you’re only 84 kilograms on paper.

He held opponents to just a .197 batting average in the Futures League this season, but his jagged pitches and command were an issue. In 66 innings, he struck out 83 batters and walked 97. The walks were the direct cause of his high ERA. His release point is inconsistent due to his fast arm swing, or he may have a pitching balance issue.

“Wow, he has a lot of potential,” said Kang, “but it’s still going to take some time.” The wait is certainly worth it. Restraint is not the only weapon. Age is also a weapon. Neither Ahn Woo-jin (24, Kiwoom Heroes) nor Moon Dong-ju (20, Hanwha Eagles) has been a full-time starter in the first team since they were rookies.

It’s unclear whether next year’s spring camp will start in Tucson, Arizona, or Changwon. What is clear is that the club and coach Kang Ki-won are thinking long term. Establishing a stable homegrown 3-5 starters is the biggest challenge for the 2024 season, but that doesn’t mean they can rush an unprepared prospect into the first team 캡틴토토 도메인. Of course, if they perform well in spring training and exhibition games, they can compete for the first team. But if that doesn’t happen, there’s no reason to rush him.

However, Kang hasn’t said that he won’t use Shin Young-woo in the first team next year. He said there are expectations for the first team in 2024. “He just needs to go out for a certain period of time, a few games, and catch (not necessarily win, but pitch well),” he said.

Realistically, he doesn’t expect to be a full-time starter, but will be satisfied if he shows promise in a few games for a specific team. In any case, Shin Young-woo and Kim Hwi-geon, who will start in 2024, are the future and a blessing for the Dinosaurs’ starting rotation. I’m taking a long breath.


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