‘First unified championship in 29 years – and a hefty pay raise’ LG’s Tuta Goo confirmed as No. 1, pitcher already signed

December 11, 2023 | by

After a 29-year hiatus, LG has completed its roster evaluation. Salary negotiations are ongoing, and some players have already signed contracts for 2024. The percentage of players who have signed is not high because each player has their own schedule, but the percentage is expected to increase in the future.

“The No. 1 outfielder is Hong Chang-ki and the No. 1 pitcher is Yoo Young-chan,” Cha Myung-seok said on the 11th about the 2023 batting average, adding, “Our team has a high percentage of players who have signed free agency contracts or are becoming free agents.” He added, “Since we won the championship, we tried to raise a lot of players who did well. You can say that the increase is higher than usual.”

Using Statistical Wins Above Replacement (WAR) as a benchmark, Cha was right about the high proportion of free agents. In the outfield, Hong Chang-ki (6.20 WAR), Moon Bo-kyung (4.28 WAR), Moon Sung-joo (3.75 WAR), and Shin Min-jae (0.86 WAR) are expected to receive salary increases.

On the other hand, Austin Dean (5.19 WAR) is a foreign player who has already signed a new contract. Oh Ji-hwan (WAR 4.11), Park Dong-won (WAR 3.20), Park Hae-min (WAR 2.69), Kim Hyun-soo (WAR 1.56), and Kim Min-sung (WAR 1.18) are either free agents or will be free agents again, meaning they are automatically excluded from salary negotiations.

Among the Yasu, Hong Chang-ki is expected to earn the highest salary in 2024, excluding free agents. This year, Hong’s salary was 300 million won 월카지노.

The pitching staff is similar. In terms of WAR, Adam Plutko (3.86 WAR) tops the LG pitching staff after going on the disabled list. Behind Plutko are Kim Jin-seong (2.96 WAR), Ham Duk-joo (2.63 WAR), Lim Chan-kyu (2.37 WAR), Baek Seung-hyun (2.07 WAR), Casey Kelly (1.95 WAR), Yoo Young-chan (1.55 WAR), and Kim Yun-sik (1.00 WAR). Kelly, like Austin, has already been re-signed. Jin-sung Kim signed a two-year free agent contract last winter, and Ham Deok-ju and Im Chan-kyu are free agents.

Baek Seung-hyun and Yoo Young-chan were expected to compete for the top pitching job, but LG’s math gave Yoo an edge over Baek. This is likely due to Yoo’s lead in games (67 games vs. 42 games) and innings pitched (68.0 innings vs. 40.0 innings).

Yoo has already signed his autograph. On the 8th, Yoo said, “I recently finalized my salary negotiations. I signed with a smile, saying, “Thank you very much for the offer. He also said, “I will soon start preparing for the 2024 season. I’ll be training at Jamsil Stadium according to a program designed by Chief Training Coach Kim Yong-il. I also did it last winter, but it was very hard, but it was also effective.”

The coaching staff is also being finalized. Cha said, “We’re almost done. The first team is complete and the second team is left. We have a lot of departures from the second team. We need to hire two more. We’ll announce it when we’re done.”

Regarding prospective foreign pitcher Dietrick Enns, he said, “I think the medical test is almost done. We’ll see the final results,” he said, hinting that he is close to signing him.


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