Remaining ‘first choice’ Gabriel “so happy to lead us to victory…promise to be even better next year”

December 11, 2023 | by

Gabriel (Brazil) beamed with joy after his multi-goal performance helped Gangwon FC stay up. “I’m so happy to win and lead the team to stay,” he beamed, adding, “I’ll do even better next year,” he promised his fans.

Gabriel came on as a substitute in the 22nd minute of the second leg of the Hana One Q K League 2023 Promotion Playoffs (PO) against Gimpo FC at Gangneung Sports Complex on Sept. 9 and scored a brace to lead Gangwon to victory. He was the ‘first man up’ for Gangwon’s survival.

In the fifth minute of the second half, with the score tied at 0-0, Gabriel made a daring run down the left flank to the front of the penalty arc before unleashing a powerful right-footed mid-range shot. The ball left his foot and was sucked into the corner of the goal.

Gangwon equalized just eight minutes later to bring the score back to 1-1, but Gabriel was the man to do it again in the 26th minute after Luis (Colombia) was sent off. The midfielder surged forward and slotted a cross from the right flank into the back of the net. In the end, Gabriel’s comeback goal proved to be the game-winner, and Gangwon secured their stay in the top flight.

Gabriel said, “I’m quite satisfied with the game. “I’m very happy that I scored two goals today and helped the team win. The first one was my usual style and I finished it well. The second goal was difficult, but with God’s help, I was able to score it,” he said after the victory. 헤라카지노

In fact, Gabriel came on as a substitute in the first leg against Gimpo, but struggled against Gimpo’s tight defense. He was unable to create any chances in the 35 minutes of extra time he played. “In the first leg, I had a hard time adjusting to the size of Gimpo’s stadium and the condition of the grass,” he said, “but I was confident in the home game because it’s a stadium I’ve been training on and using. We were confident that we would win.”

Gangwon coach Yoon Jeong-hwan praised the performance after the game, saying, “We exchanged glances without words. Gabriel responded with a big smile and said, “I feel like Poten has broken out. He scored a multi-goal game today and rewarded me with the result,” and gave him a thumbs-up. In response, Gabriel said, “Of course I felt his eyes on me. We’ve been communicating with each other since we started training because we don’t speak very well. I can tell what the coach is saying just by looking at his eyes,” he laughs.

Finally, Gabriel concludes, “I had a hard time adjusting at first after joining the team because it was my first time playing abroad. Next year, I’ll adapt perfectly and show even more improvement,” he said, promising to continue to be Gangwon’s go-to guy next season. “I’m always grateful to the fans for their support. I’m glad I was able to make them happy by confirming my stay. I would like to tell them to rest easy now.”


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