“Go to the US and make Korea shine” ML Challenge by Woosuk Ko, also recommended by Daeho Lee

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Lee Dae-ho (41) supports Go Woo-seok (25-LG Twins) in his quest to play in the major leagues.

Lee Dae-ho recently spoke about Go Woo-seok on his YouTube channel. In addition to his praise, he also spoke candidly about his thoughts on his struggles this season.

“I think Go Woo-seok is the best,” Lee said, giving him a thumbs-up for being the hardest-hitting pitcher in LG. “I don’t think anyone can hit his ball. His 158-kilometer fastball and 152-kilometer cutter are not something you can hit.”

Ko Woo-seok has been the LG closing pitcher since the 2019 season. In his seven-season career, he has a 19-26 record with 139 saves and a 3.18 ERA in 354 games, including a career-best 42 saves last year, making him the best closer in the league.

But this season, Go has struggled. It started with the WBC. He suffered a neck injury during a practice game and didn’t pitch a single game.

He had a slow start to the season, and nagging injuries in the middle of the season led to a 3-8 record, 15 saves, and a 3.68 ERA in 44 games. He also struggled in the Korean Series. While preparing for the series, he suffered a back injury in the Blue-Black game. He recovered and returned, but it seemed to have an aftereffect. In four games, he went 1-1 with one save and an 8.31 ERA. However, he pitched a one-hit shutout in Game 6 to earn his first championship ring.

As a commentator, Lee watched Ko Woo-seok throw at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“Last year, if I threw 150 kilometers, it was a big throw, but nowadays, it feels like the ball is flowing. It’s a little subtle, but I think the ball has become lighter,” he said honestly. 랭크카지노

He continued, “I feel like I open up the ball a little bit when I throw it because I’m nervous about getting hit. If you throw it confidently, it becomes more of a weapon, but when you get hit by one or two, you try to throw it everywhere, so the ball runs away more, and you’re at a disadvantage in the ball count, so you push it and get hit,” he pointed out.

Oh Ji-hwan, who watched Ko Woo-seok pitch from behind, thought the same thing. “I thought this year was different from last year,” he said, “When a closer throws 158 kilometers, it’s not easy to hit in domestic baseball. That’s the advantage he has. But he kept trying to add things to it and make it too complicated. He didn’t want to be hit by a fastball, so he threw a curveball, and in doing so, he fell into his own trap, so he tasted failure. Nevertheless, because of this failure, he will do well next year.” Lee Dae-ho cheered him on.

Lee Dae-ho diagnosed, “Go Woo-seok is the best in Korea, but even if he throws 155 kilometers and gets hit, he should think that the batter did a good job, but he was sluggish because he thought that he shouldn’t get hit.”

With LG’s permission, Go Woo-seok is now trying to make it to the major leagues. He is free to negotiate with 30 major league clubs from 10 p.m. on Dec. 5 to 7 a.m. on Jan. 4. So far, the St. Louis Cardinals are the team most strongly linked to Go Woo-seok locally. The Cardinals, who are in need of bullpen reinforcements, are considered to be a good candidate.

Lee Dae-ho, who experienced the major leagues, said, “Ko Woo-seok should go to the United States. Those who are good should go to the United States and shine for our country,” he said.


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