The first ‘Anbang World Cup’ in six years… expect a golden race

December 13, 2023 | by

The short track taijiquan warriors have promised a ‘golden race’ at their first World Cup event back home in six years. The team also made no secret of its desire to win the ‘crystal glove’ awarded to the overall winner of the World Cup season.

The Korean short track team made the announcement at a media day event for the ‘KB Financial Cup – International Ice Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup (4th edition) 2023-2024’ at the Mokdong Ice Rink Press Center in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on Wednesday. The tournament will be held from Feb. 15 to 17. It will be the first time the World Cup has been held in Korea since 2017.

The youngest member of the national team, Kim Gil-ri (19-Seongnam City Hall), has emerged as the next ace. She has won gold medals in three consecutive World Cups this season and leads the women’s overall standings with 615 points.

“The word ‘ace’ is a bit of a burden, but I’m working hard to perform better,” Kim said, “and since it’s the World Cup in Seoul, I’ll show my fighting spirit.”

Kim won the 1000 meters at the first World Cup and the 1500 meters at the second and third World Cups, but he has yet to win a multi-event title. “I’ve been missing out with one mistake, but I’ll try to win at home,” he said.

“(Short track) is a very volatile sport. I will focus until the end of the season to get the crystal gloves.” The ISU World Cup crowns an overall winner based on the combined results of the first six events.

Kim sees herself as the heir apparent to “short track queen” Choi Min-jung (25-Seongnam City Hall). “I want to emulate my older sister, who I admire a lot, and I think we have a lot to learn from each other as competitors,” he said.

On the men’s side, Kim Gun-woo (25-Sportoto) is the favorite. He won the World Cup 1000 meters at the first World Cup and the 1500 meters at the second and third World Cups this season and is the top overall leader in the men’s category (534 points). “It’s my first international competition at home, so I’m very nervous and excited,” Kim said. “I want to win the overall title after performing well in the first three events.”

Park Ji-won (24-Seoul City Hall) said, “It’s very familiar and full of good memories. I had a good performance at the World Championships, so I will try to do well again.” He won a double World Championships title here in March (men’s 1000m-1500m). Last season, he finished first overall in the men’s race to take home the crystal gloves.

“We are hoping to do well in the relay this time around. We are slowly coming together,” said Ahn. “We want to keep the momentum at home and carry it into the fifth and sixth World Cups.”



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