“If I do my best every day…” Son’s mindset as he attempts to become the KBO’s most prolific hitter and first to reach 3,000 hits

December 14, 2023 | by

“I think if I do my best every day, I will have the opportunity to challenge myself one day.”

Son As-seop (NC Dinos), who is chasing the KBO’s most hits and first 3,000-hit season, has vowed to do his best every day.

Drafted by the Lotte Giants with the 29th overall pick in the fourth round of the 2007 KBO Draft, Son has been wearing the NC uniform since the 2022 season. Until this year, he batted .322 (6949 hits, 2416 runs) with 174 home runs, 986 RBIs and 1316 runs scored in 1834 games. He holds the record for the most hits by an active player, and even if you expand his total to include all-time hits, he ranks second behind commentator Park Yong-taek (2504).

This season, Son’s performance continued. In 140 games, he batted .339 (187-for-551) with five home runs and 65 RBIs to win his first batting title and fourth in his career (2012, 2013, 2017, 2023). It was even more impressive because it came after a disappointing 2022 season (.277 with four homers and 48 RBIs).

Son, who also wore the captain’s armband, guided NC’s younger players with his unique leadership style. With his presence, NC was able to overcome pre-season predictions of a last-place finish and finish in fourth place.

Recognized for his efforts after the season, Son had a busy winter, attending several award shows and receiving numerous accolades. This year, he won the Golden Glove for Designated Hitter.

This is the sixth time Son has won the Golden Glove this season. He previously won the glove as an outfielder in 2011, 2014, and 2017. This time, he competed with Choi Hyung-woo (KIA Tigers), Kim Hyun-soo (LG Twins), and Jeon Jun-woo (Lotte) to win 헤라카지노 the Golden Glove as a designated hitter.

“I’ve been playing for 17 years, and this is the most memorable year I’ve ever had,” he said with a smile, adding, “If we win the Korean Series in the future, that will be my best memory, but for now, this is the best year I’ve ever had.”

“We still have team goals, but personally, I was able to accomplish my last goal of being a batting champion. I want to praise myself for not giving up and achieving it in the end.” “I overcame tough training sessions and mentally challenging situations and won the batting title and the Golden Glove for the first time since 2017. I want to say thank you to myself for not getting tired and getting through it,” he nodded.

Son is currently second in the KBO’s all-time hits list with 2,416, and if he hits 89 next season, he could pass Park Yong-taek for the top spot. He is also considered the favorite to become the first KBO player to reach 3,000 hits.

“Actually, there’s a lot of talk about 3,000 hits around here, but it’s still a bit far away,” said Son. “If I get more than 80 hits next season, I can put my name at the top of the KBO League’s baseball history (in hits). Those things definitely motivate me. If I stay focused and do my best every day, I can reach the 3,000-hit mark that many people are hoping for. I don’t want to think about it now, but I think if I do my best every day, one day I will have the chance to do it,” he said.

“When you’re not feeling good, it’s really hard to get a hit. I think all those desires have come together to give me a good record now,” he said, adding, “Since I’ve come this far, I’d like to try to win the first place.”

In January of this year, he visited Major League Baseball (MLB) player Jung Ho Kang, who runs a baseball academy in Los Angeles, California, USA, to train, and it paid off. This time, however, he plans to leave a little later due to his commitments as the team’s captain.

“I decided to go with (Park) Se-hyuk,” Son said. He said he wanted to learn before it was too late, so we decided to go together,” he said, announcing the team’s intense winter training.


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