‘Shocking’ San Francisco also offered $700 million for Otani, even with a dipper clause

December 14, 2023 | by

Another behind-the-scenes story has emerged regarding the race to sign Shohei Ohtani, 29. The San Francisco Giants also revealed that they made a big offer.

“While much of the attention was focused on the Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco president Farhan Zaidi said the Giants offered a similar deal to the Dodgers for Ohtani,” Yahoo Sports reported on Dec. 13 (KST).

On Oct. 10, it was reported that Ohtani had agreed to a 10-year, $700 million (approx. 92.4 billion won) contract with the Dodgers. Ohtani himself announced the news on social media, saying, “To all the fans and everyone involved in baseball, I apologize for taking so long to make this decision. I have decided to choose the Los Angeles Dodgers as the next team I will play for,” he announced.

Two days later, on December 12, the official announcement was made.

Ohtani’s contract with the Dodgers was a dipper. Ohtani offered the Dodgers a “dipper” clause that would pay him the remainder of his salary after the end of his 10-year contract, which the Dodgers accepted.

The breakdown of the dipper is that Ohtani will be paid $2 million per year, and only $20 million over the course of his 10 years with the Dodgers, meaning he will be paid the remaining $680 million ($894.3 million) after his contract ends.

However, San Francisco also offered the deal.

Earlier, it was revealed that Toronto was in stiff competition with the Dodgers. In terms of money. According to Canada’s Sportsnet, Toronto made a final offer similar to the Dodgers’. It was more than $600 million, but close to $700 million. 월카지노

So all the attention was on Toronto. But it wasn’t just Toronto.

“Our offer was very close, if not identical, to what Ohtani agreed to,” Zaidi said. “We offered what would have been the largest contract in major league history. We didn’t think we were the only team to make such an offer, but we wanted to show our aggressiveness and interest.” “Our offer to Ohtani was $700 million, with a dipper clause,” he added.

“We recognized that all of Otani’s offers were ‘in the same ballpark’ until the very end, and we tried to stay in touch with him,” Zaidi said.

But despite these efforts, the Dodgers were the team of choice.

After losing out on Ohtani, San Francisco quickly pivoted and signed him to a six-year, $113 million deal.


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