Park Ji-sung and Cho Kyu-sung were cool with their Danish performances…”God’s move? The subjunctive mood, not yet. Why…”

December 18, 2023 | by

While Cho Kyu-sung showed a steep rise, competing for the top scorer in Denmark’s first division, Park Ji-sung, who led his advance to Northern Europe, applauded but did not lose his coolness.

This means that it is too early to make any assessments as the Danish stage is an intermediate base for the big league.

In an interview held shortly after the “12th JS Foundation Talent Student Donation Ceremony” held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 14th, Park Ji-sung praised Cho Kyu-sung, a national striker who joined Meat Whelan, Denmark, recommended and expressed his thoughts that he should continue moving forward.

Park Ji-sung delivered a scholarship to JS Foundation, where he is chairman of the board.

The JS Foundation Talent Student Donation Ceremony, which began in 2012, is an event of a lifetime that Park Ji-sung will take care of even in the midst of COVID-19. This year, 23 elementary, middle, and high school students who stand out in sports such as soccer, swimming, ice skating, and handball, as well as their studies, violins, and computers, raised their future by receiving awards from superstar Park Ji-sung.

After the award ceremony, Park expressed high expectations for his fellow Korean players and expressed his expectations for the Asian Cup championship, which is just a month away. He also mentioned Cho Kyu-sung, who moved to a club he selected with all his heart and soul.

Cho Kyu-sung transferred from Jeonbuk to the top Danish club Mitwilan in July. In fact, there was a lot of controversy when Cho Kyu-sung went to Mitwilan. This is because there were many soccer fans who expressed regret that Denmark was worse than the Netherlands, Belgium, or the second division of England, which sent a love call to Cho Kyu-sung.

However, things have changed now. Cho Kyu-sung scored the opening goal of the opening game of the Danish league’s first division to lead the team to win the title of the “Best 11” in the first round of the league.

Cho Kyu-sung, who had been flying since the beginning, scored a total of eight goals in 16 league games in the first half of the season that ended on the 5th. In the home game against Vibor, the final game of the first half, he scored multiple goals for the first time since entering Denmark.

Meat Whelan ranked first in the first half of the year with 11 wins, three draws and three losses (36 points). The winner of the UEFA Champions League is also getting a ticket. He will be able to grab the top spot in the league for the first time in four years.

Cho Kyu-sung is also the third highest scorer in the league after Nikolai Ballis (11 goals) and Alexander Lind (10 goals). Italian media even reported midway through the season that the Italian Serie A team Genoah is keeping an eye on Cho Kyu-sung.

Cho Kyu-sung’s choice and Park Ji-sung’s recommendation, which were controversial when he went to Denmark, are now considered “a move of God.”

Cho Kyu-sung was virtually selected as a striker at the forefront of the Clinsman attack at the Asian Cup next month, starting in all six games and scoring two goals in the September-November A match.

However, Park, who actually recommended and approved Cho Kyu-sung’s move to Denmark as a director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, reserved the evaluation. He meant that he was proud of his junior teammates’ outstanding performance, but that he still had a long way to go.

Park Ji-sung has been rooting for Cho Kyu-sung by setting up a daily cafe in front of former French national defender Patrice Evra and Mit Whelan, who he has been close to since his days at Manchester United.

However, Cho also expressed a cool-headed view on the evaluation of Cho Kyu-sung.

Asked if Cho Kyu-sung’s transfer to Mitwilan is considered a divine move, Park Ji-sung said, “It’s all a family method,” but added, “I can’t tell you how, but it’s true that we’re showing good performance right now. I think it’s natural for him to compete for the top scorer while starting every game.”

Cho Kyu-sung’s skill meant that it was not very strange to play in Denmark.

Park Ji-sung said, “Cho Kyu-sung is leading the part (adaptation and performance) well,” but added, “I think being a move of God can be heard when Cho Kyu-sung moves to a really good team.” 월카지노

He spoke highly of Cho’s performance, but meant that the outcome remains to be seen. Born in 1998, Cho’s dream will eventually become one of the five major leagues namely England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Cho’s journey to Denmark can be reevaluated only when he enjoys a big stage.


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