“70 reporters + 9 broadcast cameras, all out.” The joining ceremony began with an apology for the alleged sexual crimes

December 20, 2023 | by

Hotaka Yamakawa (32) held an official joining ceremony for the Softbank Hawks.

Yamakawa held a press conference for joining the club at his home stadium, Fukuoka PayPay Dome on Wednesday. His jersey number has been confirmed as 25.

He first said, “I’m grateful to Softbank. I’m sorry that I couldn’t say hello when my future hasn’t been decided. I wanted to say hello in front of you properly, but I came all the way here. I’m sorry to say hello like this.”

Yamakawa is the one who caused a stir in the Japanese professional baseball community earlier this year. Sexual assault was exposed. The victim’s revelation revealed his behavior with Yamakawa, which was shocking. He was already married and had children under his belt, and he was “fidelined.” The victim claimed, “I refused several times, but I was pushed out.” Yamakawa also explained, “I didn’t agree, but I wasn’t forced to. I was close.” 

Yamakawa is a representative slugger who also played for the Japanese national team, including Seibu’s designation in the second round of the rookie draft in 2013 and holding the home run title three times until the 2018-2019 and 2022 seasons.

Fans were furious when Yamakawa, one of Japan’s biggest guns, was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal. Seibu removed Yamakawa from its main league team and announced that it would not return him until investigation by investigative agencies is completed. In effect, he will be suspended indefinitely. 

Yamakawa, who disappeared from the first team on May 12, joined the team’s third team in August, indicting the alleged sexual assault due to insufficient evidence. However, there was no first team call-up. That’s how he ended the season.

Yamakawa, who qualified as an FA after the end of the season, signed with Softbank and made a new start. 월카지노

He also expressed his apology to Seibu fans. “I’m very sorry that I did something that defied the fans’ expectations,” Yamakawa said.

“I will take responsible actions from now on. I will walk the right path for the development of professional baseball and for the dreams of children. I will try my best as a rookie.”

Softbank also knows that they are looking at Yamakawa with a bad eye. Perhaps that’s why I took care of things quickly.

According to Japan’s full count, he officially announced his contract with Yamakawa at 11 a.m. and announced that he would hold a press conference two hours later at 1 p.m. At the press conference, 70 reporters and nine broadcast cameras gathered.


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