Even after emptying the court on the 32nd, his skills are shrewd, “Ace’s Return.”

December 21, 2023 | by

Hwang Kyung-min (27), the “native ace” of KB Insurance in men’s professional volleyball, made his comeback match in 33 days. He was away from the court for more than a month due to injury, but he had no problem in playing field. His joining will likely be a significant addition to the team, which needed an opportunity to rebound.

Hwang Kyung-min started the home game against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on the 19th and scored 12 points with an attack success rate of 70.59 percent. He is one of the players who scored double-digit points in the team along with Andres Villena (20 points). Although he failed to prevent his team’s defeat (0-3), he showed off his pure scoring ability and showed an impressive performance on his return stage. 랭크카지노

KB Insurance has been anxiously waiting for Hwang Kyung-min to return. He got hurt in a collision with his teammate Hong Sang-hyuk at the game against Woori Card on April 16. At that time, the team lost 2-3 after a full-set battle, and lost for eight consecutive games. KB Insurance, whose second offensive option, Hwang Kyung-min, was out of power, also lost in the next four games, and is on the verge of ending its disgraceful 13 consecutive losses. KB Insurance, which barely broke the chain of consecutive losses at the game against OK Financial Group on April 6, caught Korean Air in succession for the first time this season, but has entered the dark tunnel again due to Hyundai Capital and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Initially, Hwang’s return could have been postponed until after the fourth round depending on his rehabilitation speed. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and was able to return to the court at the end of the third round before halfway through this season. It is expected that he will play a role in dispersing the scoring channel that is focused on Villena. KB Insurance ranks first in overall goals scored by Villena (484 points), with a gap of more than 350 points with Hong Sang-hyuk (132 points). Korean players are not contributing as much as Hwang Kyung-min (131 points), who had not played for about a month, was listed as third. This is why they are very happy to see Hwang return, whose attack success rate stands at 61.26 percent for this season.

KB Insurance, which has played 17 games so far, is at the bottom of the standings with 14 points (3 wins and 14 losses). Since the team has yet to complete even half of its regular league schedule, it has room for additional advancement of its ranking. This is possible only when Korean players reduce Villena’s burden on offense in the remaining games. Hwang Kyung-min, who played better than expected in his return match, displayed such possibility.


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