“There’s nothing wrong with you, isn’t there?”…Melvin pointed out! “Lee Jung-hoo is a leadoff.”

December 22, 2023 | by

“I don’t know why not.”

The Mercury News, a U.S. media outlet, reported on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), “San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin said he expected Lee Jung-hoo to give him not only the main center fielder position but also a leadoff position in the lineup.” 월카지노

During his seven seasons in the KBO League, Lee posted 1,181 hits, 65 homers, 515 RBIs, 581 runs in 840 games, and a batting average of 0.340 OPS of 0.898. After this season, Lee Jung-hoo made a bid for the Major League through posting. Then, he joined hands with San Francisco.

Lee Jung-hoo and San Francisco signed a big six-year, 113 million U.S. dollars. Masataka Yoshida, who joined the Boston Red Sox ahead of this season, has surpassed 90 million dollars in five years and achieved the highest amount of posting money by an Asian fielder.

Pederson, the No. 1 player, is in the free agent market. Upon joining the club, Lee became San Francisco’s No. 1 player in annual salary. He is paid 18.33 million U.S. dollars per year on average.

Lee Jung-hoo is expected to play a key role from his debut season as he has received a large amount of money. He is likely to play a leadoff role.

Melvin appeared on Tim Kawakimi’s podcast “TK Show,” an American media outlet, and opened up about his plans to hire Lee Jung-hoo. When asked if he was playing leadoff, he said, “We don’t know why not at this point,” adding, “Since we hired him, we have come up with some lineup plans. We made him play leadoff at this point.”

Coach Melvin then said, “To lead off is for Lee Jung-hoo to be comfortable. That’s what he used to do,” adding, “So for now, Lee Jung-hoo is definitely going to lead off.”

Lee Jung-hoo started as the first hitter in June when he made his debut with the Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom) in 2017, and served as a leadoff player until 2018 and early 2019. Since then, he has mainly started as the third hitter. He also played as the third hitter this season, but he briefly played as a leadoff in May.

Lee Jung-hoo came out as the first hitter at 1,468. As the third hitter, he came out as the 2017 hitter. He had 428 hits, 11 homers, 139 RBIs, 221 runs, and a batting average of 0.328 OPS of 0.832.

“The Mercury News” said, “San Francisco mainly used Ramonte Wade Jr. and Tyro Estrada as first hitters this season, and a total of nine hitters played in the leadoff,” adding, “The team struggled aggressively in part due to a lack of speed (the bottom of the stolen base) and a failure to score points in the scoring situation, and Lee Jung-hoo can help in both areas.”


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