Salah, “current No. 1 player,” and Son Heung-min, “current No. 3 player,” scored together… Added records for men who write EPL history

December 24, 2023 | by

Mohamed Salah, the second-ranked scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) this season, and Son Heung-min, the third-ranked scorer, are also ranked first and third in overall goals, respectively.

Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and Liverpool’s Salah, who played the 18th round of the 2023-2024 EPL on the 23rd and 24th (Korea time), scored side by side. When Son Heung-min scored his 11th goal in the league, Salah, who followed him, scored his 12th goal to become the sole second scorer. They are chasing after Eling Holan (14 goals) of Manchester City, who has stopped scoring recently due to injury.

They are also at the top of overall scoring rankings since the launch of the EPL. Salah, Raheem Sterling (Chelsea), Son Heung-min and Callum Wilson (Newcastle United) are among the top 50 players in total. Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), who had accumulated remarkable goals until last season, left for the German stage and stopped scoring 213 goals in the EPL. He is ranking second overall, just below Alan Shearer (260 goals). 월카지노

Wilson ranks 46th overall with 86 goals overall, far behind the other three. Sterling is also struggling for Chelsea, which is having a difficult season, but his scoring is low while carrying heavy burdens. He remains tied for 21st overall in scoring, with only five goals and two assists. He was closely followed by Son Heung-min, who ranks 23rd overall in scoring every goal.

Son has scored 114 goals overall, beating Arsenal legend Ian Wright (113 goals). This season alone, Son has caught up with a number of legendary players including Dion Dublin (111 goals), Sadio Mane (111 goals), Emil Heskey (110 goals), Ryan Giggs (109) and Peter Crouch (108) and Paul Scholes (107).

Sterling is also active and scoring goals, so it is hard to guarantee a pursuit this season, but if Son Heung-min maintains the scoring trend now, he is likely to be in the top 20 beyond Steven Gerrard (120 goals), who is tied for 21st, and Romelu Lukaku (121 goals). If he surpasses 20 goals this season, he is also interested in the records of Dwight Yorke (123 goals) in the 19th and Nicholas Anelka (125 goals) in the 18th.

Salah ranks 10th with 151 goals overall. The ladder for the top ranks is relatively steep due to the relatively wide gap between each and every player. Salah moved from tying with Michael Owen (150 goals) for 10th place to becoming the lone top 10th. The following is the record of Jermaine Defoe (162 goals), who is ranking ninth, and her current scoring speed can surpass her in this season. The eighth in total is Robbie Fowler (163 goals). He is also a player who enjoyed his prime time with Liverpool.

If Salah, Sterling, and Son Heung-min accumulate points, not only the score rankings this season but also the proportion of EPL history books will change. With the second season underway, Elling Hallan (Manchester City), who has already scored 50 goals, is expected to surpass all of his seniors someday, but his overall score ranking is still only 125th.


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