Fans are clamoring to sell the team after 26 consecutive losses… What does the owner of DET mean?

December 25, 2023 | by

Owner Gores didn’t give up Detroit.

Tom Gores, owner of the Detroit Pistons, had an interview with The Athletic on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). Gores talked about the team’s recent situation here.

There is no sign that the dark ages of Detroit will end. Detroit is at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with 2 wins and 27 losses this season. It also has 26 consecutive losses. It is the most consecutive losses in the history of a single NBA season.

Even if the team is undergoing reconstruction, the current performance is not easy to understand. Eventually, Detroit fans also expressed their anger. Fans booed and said, “Sell the team!” after the team lost its last game to the Utah Jazz.

“I think fans can say what they want. But to sell a team is ridiculous. Both the players and members of the organization are doing a lot of work. So am I. That’s how much the Detroit team means. I understand how upset the fans are,” Gores said.

Responsibility is rising over the disastrous performance. Gores said he and Troy Weaver are responsible the most. 랭크카지노

“I think I’m responsible. The same goes for general manager Troy Weaver. I think we underestimated something. Currently, there are about seven to eight players under the age of 22. Maybe we needed more veteran players. We need to reflect on why we got this result,” he explained.

The future of the Detroit Tigers is gloomy as it faces a major challenge of 26 consecutive losses. However, Gores is promising a bright future.

“We still have a bright future,” Gores said. “We have a lot of talented young players, and we have secured flexibility in the salary cap. At the moment, this vision may seem vague. But I believe that things will go well in the future. It is natural that fans get angry. We have to overcome this.”

“Not only me but also Weaver and Monty Williams are agonizing over what changes they should pursue to make the team better. We need to make sure that nothing wrong happens in the process of preparing for the future,” he added.


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