I don’t even dream of giving him sex…German legend “Cross national team return? I’m against it”

December 26, 2023 | by

A German soccer legend has spoken out against Tony Kroos’ return to the German national team.

“Germany’s World Cup winner Jeff Meyer doesn’t think Toni Kroos should return to the national team,” soccer media outlet Trival Football reported on Friday (ET).

Kroos has been playing well lately. He has one goal and six assists in 23 appearances. The purity of his attacking points is also high. He started with an assist for the game-winner against Almeria in the second round, and then assisted the equalizer against Sevilla in the 10th round.

Assisted the opening goal against Valencia in Round 13. Assisted the winning goal against Granada in Round 15. Whenever the team needed a goal, Cross was there to help.

With his form still going strong, there is a lot of interest in whether Cross will be part of the squad for next year’s UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany. He has already announced his retirement from the German national team after 2021.

However, things are not looking good for Germany. In their last 10 matches, they’ve won two, drawn two, and lost six. The losses came against countries that are considered relative underdogs, such as Japan and Turkmenistan.

A poor showing at the Euros on home soil would send shockwaves through German soccer. This has led to speculation about the return of internationally experienced Kroos.

Real Madrid teammate Antonio Rudiger, who also plays for Germany, said: “Every day I ask him (Kroos) about playing at Euro 2024. A player at this level should be in the national team. His passes are from another planet. I want him to play for Germany again.”

German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann is also open to the idea of Kroos returning to the national team, saying, “Playing in Germany is an attractive opportunity for any German player.” “It depends on Kroos, his performance and the other players,” he added.

Kroos has yet to make a public statement about his return to the national team, but a German soccer legend has come out in favor of his return. Jeff Meyer, a World Cup winner himself.

“I wouldn’t call him,” he said, “I don’t think it would be good for him to play for the national team again. We have a lot of other talent that can help the team,” he said.

“It’s a popular topic in the media, but I won’t call crosses anymore. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a great player and hasn’t done anything for German soccer.”



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