Shortest ‘Blo Queen’ Challenge… “You made good hand shapes, so you got good grades.”

December 28, 2023 | by

If you want to block well in volleyball, you need to be tall. Until last season, the average height of players who rank No. 1 in women’s blockings in the V-League was 188.7 centimeters. However, Choi Jung-min (21), who ranks first in the first half of this season (0.873 blocks per set), is only 180 centimeters tall. If Choi maintains the lead until the end of the season, he will have the shortest “blokeen” in the history of the V-League. Choi is in his fourth year as a professional player who ranked ninth in blockings (0.540 blocks per set) last season.

“I caught 67 games during the six rounds in the last season, but I did 62 games in the three rounds,” Choi said with a smile. “I set a goal of 80 games before the opening of the season, but I need to think about a new goal.” “My goal is to maintain the top rank until the end of the season, rather than to keep the No. 1 ranking.”

Choi played as a wing striker not only in his school days but also in his early days as a member of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. Choi has good footwork and can block opponents even if they use “fast attacks.” Choi is 64 centimeters tall in the Sargent (place) jump, ranking second after foreign player Abercrombie (70 centimeters). He is also armed with athletic ability to cope with “high attacks” by foreign players.

The remaining task was hand-shape. IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-cheol told Choi Jeong-min, “You just have to put your hand in it. If you try to block with your hands stretched out, you will be out for everything that goes up.” This means that if you try to block with your hands stretched out, you will be more likely to lose a point due to touch-out, but if you fold your hands firmly, you will be able to induce the opponent’s error even if you fail to block. Choi has now become a player who is praised by Yang Hyo-jin (34) of Hyundai Engineering & Construction as having a pretty hand shape, who has been ranked No. 1 twice. 헤라카지노

Before the opening of this season, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea was evaluated as a team that was weak in blocking. Middle blocker Kim Soo-ji (36) became a free agent and moved to Heungkuk Life Insurance, while Kim Hee-jin (32) was also out of power due to injury. However, thanks to Choi Jung-min’s stellar performance, IBK ranked fourth (2.225 blocks) per set, halfway through the season. Of the seven teams in the women’s league, the middle was over. In terms of the most recent third round, IBK is second after Hyundai Engineering & Construction (2.500 blocks), the traditional “blocking master,” and IBK (2.280 blocks).

Blocking has improved and the team’s performance has also improved. IBK, which finished the first round by ranking sixth, the second from behind, garnered 14 points (five wins and one loss) in the third round, jumping to fourth, the final round of the postseason. “External concerns motivated me. As much as I worked hard for it, I felt confident that I could do it,” Choi said. “I think we have only shown 70 to 80 percent of our team’s performance yet. We will continue to improve further.” IBK’s spring volleyball season was the last time it ranked third in the 2020-2021 season.

Choi Jeong-min considers Bae Yuna (34) of Korea Expressway Corporation, a “volleyball genius” who is also a middle blocker and senior at Han Bom High School. “Yuna is also good at both attacking and blocking even though she is not tall (182 centimeters). I want to become a player like Yuna and contribute to the team,” Choi said.


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