“Personal conditions agreed” Tottenham is close to recruiting ‘Rumania National University DF’ instead of Todibo

January 3, 2024 | by

Tottenham Hotspur are close to signing Radu Dragusin.

“Tottenham is negotiating with Italian Genoa on the contract for Radu Dragusin,” sports media The Athletic reported on the 2nd (Korea time). The two clubs are locked in talks over a deal for Dragusin.

Tottenham has recently been linked to several defenders. Because there is a defensive gap. At the beginning of the season, Mickey Van Der Pen and Christian Romero led the defense by boasting fantastic teamwork.

Thanks to their stellar performances, Tottenham had no loss during 10 matches in the English Premier League. It marked the best start in the club’s history and led the league.

The defense was shaky starting against Chelsea in the last 11th round. Van Der Pen finished the game with a hamstring injury. Romero was also sent off. Tottenham lost 1-4.

After the match against Chelsea, Romero returned from disciplinary action for three games, but Van Der Pen’s vacancy was felt. Recently, Romero also left due to injury.

Of course, it was not without defenders at all. There was Eric Dier, but the recent trend is not good to trust and leave the heavy responsibility. Ben Davies and Emerson Royal are playing as central defenders, but they are not in the best position.

In the long run, it was also necessary to reinforce it. Tottenham needed at least three top defenders to try to win the championship in the future.

Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou predicted the recruitment of a defender. “Ultimately, we still have to recruit another central defender. We are in a bit of a nervous state. At the moment, bad things can happen again, and there is a lack of defenders,” he said.

A defender who connected with Tottenham was Jean-Clerc Todibo of Nice, France. He has contributed to the defense of his team by playing 14 games this season. His team Nice is ranked second with 32 points after Paris Saint-Germain (37 points).

Things started to change, however. According to Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in the soccer transfer market, Tottenham quickly approached Dragusin, expecting the Todibo transfer negotiations to collapse. Enze Postecoglou also approved the offer.

Dragusin made his senior debut in the 2020/21 season after joining the Juventus Youth Team. However, he did not have many chances. He played in Serie A and the UEFA Champions League, but did not have much time left. He played in two full-time matches in Copa Italy.

Later, he moved to Serie B Genoa for a chance. He has risen as a key defender of the team in the 2022/23 season, scoring four goals in 40 games. Genoa was promoted to Serie A thanks to Dragusin’s performance. It has been in good shape this season, too.

Dragusin is only 21 years old, but he has already played 13 A-match games. He is capable of playing center defender as well as left and right defense. He is capable of competing in air ball using his 191-cm tall height.

Unlike other tall defenders, he abides by speed and does not easily lose ground in one-on-one fights with strikers. He sometimes scores set piece plays. He has two goals and one assist in 21 games this season 헤라카지노.

His agent mentioned the move himself. According to the British Evening Standard, the agent said, “We don’t want to leave either, but if there is an important club that can make Dragusin’s career leap, we can evaluate him.”

“If you leave Genoa, you have to go to a good team. You have to go to the top five or six teams in the PL or the top Italian team. I’m not saying these teams are interested, but we’d be happy if they were interested in Dragusin.”

The current situation is not bad. Romano explained, “Dragusin has reached a personal terms agreement with Tottenham. Tottenham accepted all the details of Tottenham’s proposal. Tottenham and Genoa are continuing to negotiate to complete the contract soon.”

Italian media “Tuto Sport” predicted, “There is not a big difference of opinion between the two clubs. The deal will be concluded through negotiations.” According to the media, Tottenham offered 25 million euros (about 35.9 billion won) for Dragusin’s transfer fee.

If Tottenham successfully strengthens its defense while embracing Dragusin, it can once again try to win the title. Currently, there is only a six-point gap between Tottenham (39 points) in fifth place and Liverpool (45 points) in first place. With the season still far away, attention is focusing on whether Tottenham will succeed in rebounding.


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