“I want to strengthen my shortstop.” The name that SF comes to mind is Kim Ha-sung… Will SD really think about trading

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The offseason for the San Francisco Giants is not over yet. Has he not given up his lingering affection for Kim Ha-sung (29) of the San Diego Padres.

Farhan Zaidi, president of San Francisco’s baseball operations department, expressed his intention to reinforce shortstop position. He also made no secret of his will to reinforce shortstop position through trade. Zaidi appeared on the TK Show, a podcast hosted by Tim Kawakami of The Athletic. “We evaluate that the road to trade is open to us. I wanted to reinforce the shortstop position,” Zaidi said.

In San Francisco, Star Brandon Crawford, who played for 13 seasons, is a free agent. In fact, he is retiring. He needs to find the next shortstop. Casey Schmidt, a former second-round draft rookie in 2020, debuted last year. He played 42 games, the most as a shortstop, 35 as a third baseman, and 19 as a second baseman. Chances are high that Schmidt will succeed Crawford. Marco Luciano, a native of the Dominican Republic who signed a 2.6 million-dollar contract with San Francisco at the age of 16, is also a candidate. Luciano played in 14 games last year.

However, it would be too risky to leave the entire season to Schmidt and Luciano. Schmitt’s offense is regrettable. Schmitt had a batting average of 206 (52 hits in 253 at bats) in 90 games last year, five homers and 30 RBIs. Luciano also had a small sample of 14 games in which he had a batting average of 231 (nine hits in 39 times at bat) OPS.641. Local media are also raising the need to reinforce shortstop position.

Zaidi thought the same way. “I’m excited about Luciano’s talent and I hope he can accept the role and play with me,” Zaidi said, praising Luciano’s potential. “But bringing in another player is probably something that can be operated flexibly in terms of multiple positions and we have competitive options. One of them can continue to bat in Triple-A. We’re looking at that.”

NBC Sports Bay Area, a San Francisco-area media outlet that cited Zaidi’s interview, explained the need to reinforce shortstop, saying, “Zaidi said he would provide Luciano with the opportunity to play every day, but adding a veteran player to the shortstop position doesn’t hurt.”

The name that comes back to mind in this part is Kim Ha-sung again. Whenever San Francisco talked about reinforcing shortstop, the name that came up was Kim Ha-sung.
In fact, San Francisco was lacking in power building. There was no other team that signed a six-year, $113 million contract with Lee Jung-hoo. Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto all failed in their bid to recruit them. Moreover, their destination was their rival LA Dodgers.

The team needs to reinforce its position in several positions, but reinforcement of its shortstop has been constantly discussed. Maria Guardado, San Francisco’s correspondent for , said, “The San Francisco Giants successfully hired 헤라카지노 FA players through Lee Jung-hoo’s contract, and the team is still short of seeds. In order for San Francisco to show competitive performance in the National League West, it needs to continue recruiting roster members,” adding, “We need to delve into the trade market.” Kim Ha-sung is a potential recruitment candidate.”

The San Francisco Chronicle claimed that it will be possible to make a trade with catcher Joey Bart, one to two young pitchers and outfielders, who are no longer needed to recruit Kim Ha-sung. They argue that Kim Ha-sung should be used as the main shortstop through a trade of surplus resources.

Kim Ha-sung won the Gold Glove in the utility category of the National League last year when he mainly played second base, but his original position is shortstop. He proved his value as a full-time shortstop in the 2022 season, when he left after receiving wrist surgery and drug punishment from Fernando Tatis Jr.

In line with the current situation in San Diego, the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s trade has not completely disappeared. Kim Ha-sung, who signed a contract of up to 39 million dollars for 4+1 years, will end his four-year guarantee at the end of this season. This season’s annual salary is 8 million dollars. There is a mutual option for the 2025 season, but Kim Ha-sung can enter the market with an opt-out at the end of this year. If an extension contract is signed, the value of Kim Ha-sung will exceed 100 million dollars.

“The Athletic” will be able to sell Kim Ha-sung at a high price if he transfers him during the offseason. Kim Ha-sung, a Gold Glove winner, expressed Kim Ha-sung as a player who can afford $100 million, saying, “He has entered the last year of his contract and will need a nine-figure contract to renew his contract.” Currently, San Diego has to operate in a tightening mode, so he stressed that Kim Ha-sung can reinforce his insufficient position.

In addition, “The Athletic” said, “San Diego, which has budget constraints, can spend less than $30 million for outfielders and starters. For this reason, he said he was willing to listen to the trade proposal between Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth throughout the offseason,” adding, “Kim Ha-sung, who receives an annual salary of $8 million this year, the last season before becoming a FA, has attracted considerable interest in the league as a whole.”

San Diego, however, has no choice but to hesitate to make a trade considering his current popularity and status within the team. Media outlets reported that San Diego fans would not be willing to give up one of their favorite players and the most productive player. President A.J. Preller is certain to set a premium in order to do so. Even if he makes a trade, he stressed that he should give high value to Kim.

The situation between San Francisco and San Diego is further amplifying Kim Ha-sung’s trade-related issues. Kim Ha-sung’s future is likely to be a pressing concern until the opening series of Seoul in March.


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