Napoli, the ‘defending champion’ without Kim Min-jae, has the worst slump → 伊 media “Because of the chairman who regresses the team!”

January 9, 2024 | by

Strongly criticized the president of Naples.

Napoli’s president Aurelio de Laurentis has no alternative, and he is regressing Napoli, the Napoli media outlet Il Martino said on the 8th (Korea Standard Time).

Napoli has been having a hard time this season. After winning the Italian Serie A title for the first time in 33 years last season, they have let go of Luciano Spalletti and Kim Min-jae, who were the core players of the team. Spalletti took the helm of the Italian national team after breaking up with Napoli. Kim Min-jae moved to Bayern Munich. In addition, Cristiano Giuntoli, who recruited Kim Min-jae and Hvicha Kvaratshelia, the top contributors to the league’s victory 랭크카지노, left for Juventus.

The gap between the two is greatly felt. Especially, Napoli this season has not been able to display the hot attacking football that it showed last season. In the 19th round of Serie A on the 7th, it was completely defeated by Turin 0-3.

Currently, Napoli is ranked ninth in the league. It is quite unusual to see the team lead the league based on its strong attack power throughout the last season. In addition, Rudy Garcia, who replaced Spalletti, was sacked in November last year. Walter Masyan, who took the helm, has also failed to renew the mood of the team.

Consequently, Spaletti’s absence is being felt significantly. Chairman Laurentiis is the reason why Spaletti left the team. Chairman Laurentiis tried to invoke an option to extend his contract with Spaletti during the last season. However, Spaletti was found to be secretly trying to invoke an option to extend his contract, and he left the team.

Il Martino eventually claimed that chairman Laurentis is responsible for the current Napoli slump. The media said, “Chairman Laurentis appointed director Garcia and director Meluso instead of director Spalletti and director Giuntoli, but it had no impact.”


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