“Aim for winning all the awards in the season”… “Golden Road” challenge

January 11, 2024 | by

Faker and Lee Sang-hyuk, the world’s best player in e-sports, have expressed their New Year’s resolutions. From winning the domestic league to winning the ‘LOL World Cup’ for the second consecutive year, he has set his sights on the so-called ‘Golden Road’ as the so-called ‘Golden Road.’

In LCK’s new season of Media Day, the most popular e-sports, League of Legends’ domestic league, Faker Lee Sang-hyuk and his team T1 were by far the top favorites.

Lee Sang-hyuk finished second in the domestic league last year, but he proved the era of Faker by winning his fourth career title in the most prestigious LOL Cup.

This year, the goal is to win two consecutive LOL World Cups, two domestic leagues in spring and summer, and the world tournament in summer, but there has never been a “seasonal crown” so-called the “Golden Road.”


Lee Sang-hyuk, who had his best year last year with the Asian Games gold medal and the domestically held LOL World Cup, is preparing for a more splendid 2024.


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