“I will repay Doosan fan’s trainee.” Active military enlistment → An assistant at a Protestant University was discharged… A big gun prospect Kim Tae-hyung paid attention to made a comeback

January 13, 2024 | by

Kang Hyun-gu (22, Doosan Bears), a big gun prospect who Lotte Giants coach Kim Tae-hyung paid attention to when he was the head coach of the Doosan Bears, returned safely after completing his duty of defense.

According to Doosan officials, Kang Hyun-gu was ordered to be discharged from the military on December 27 last year and is currently conducting personal training at Icheon Bears Park. Kang Hyun-gu joined the active duty on June 28, 2022, and served as an assistant at the 55th Infantry Division boot camp in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

“I’m so happy to come back to the team after finishing my military service. My biggest goal is to play baseball in front of Doosan fans as soon as possible,” Kang said on his official YouTube channel “Bearstivi.”

Kang Hyun-gu, who made a name for himself as a right-handed big-pitch outfielder at Incheon High School, was selected as the 30th pick in the second third round of the Doosan Bears in the 2021 Rookie Draft. Since then, he received the first first first-team call-up in place of Kim Jae-hwan, who was given maternity leave on May 24, 2022 after playing in the second team. Kang made a strong impression the following day when he made his debut against Hanwha in Daejeon, and made multiple runs with one hit and one out of two at-bats.

“Kang’s batting average in the secondary league is not quite good, but he is energetic and energetic, and he is active in the game. He has potential,” manager Kim Tae-hyung once noted Kang’s potential.

At that time, however, there was no room for Kang Hyun-koo to play in the Doosan outfield. Although one spot was vacant due to Park Kun-woo’s transfer to the NC Dinos, Kim In-tae gained the upper hand in the competition for the starting lineup, and when Kim In-tae was injured, Ahn Kwon-soo and Yang Chan-yeol stood out in turn. Kang eventually headed to the military with a batting average of 333 (one hit in three at-bats) and one walk and one out in three games in 2022.

Throughout his military career, Kang felt the need to take care of his body. As a result, he chose to change his diet drastically, discarding the meat diet. “I tried to bulk up by myself, but that was not the important thing. The important thing is to build a body that does not get hurt,” Kang said. “I stopped eating meat (excluding chicken) in my diet, and it is showing good effects. I got really better as I ate a lot of vegetables and seafood. I also recover from fatigue easily. I looked up and studied various successful players’ diets, and I am satisfied that my body has gotten better,” he said with a smile.

He spent busy days in the military as an assistant at the new college of education, but read books from time to time to build up his mental style. “I collected myself and read a lot of books by Keigo Higashino. That’s why I think I’m calmer than before,” Kang said. “I used to be a little playful, but now I’m living my life by taking baseball a little more seriously and thinking about how I can do well.”

According to a Doosan source, Kang started preparing for the 2024 season by visiting Icheon Bears Park from his last vacation. “Celebrities are bright and energetic. They are well-informed. I want to spend a season without getting hurt while making my own things step by step without worrying about it,” he said, while training with young players in Icheon.

Kang’s goal for the first season after his discharge from the military is to return to the main league. “I have never played in a single season properly due to injury and military service. I want to play well in the Futures League season without getting hurt and check what I lack and what has gone well. If you prepare that well, the result will come along well,” he said. “I want to let my fans know that I am here by playing in the main league again. I will do my best day by day.”

Kang Hyun-koo served as an assistant at the new school of education in the military and met countless trainers who liked Doosan. He said, “There are about 200 trainers (for each rider), and at least one of them was a fan of the Doosan Bears. I was grateful, and I said I will work harder to repay that feeling,” giving another reason to play baseball well 마카오카지노주소.


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